A letter to your future self

I’m actually doing for a friend’s friend Final Year Project.¬†

15 years from now I will be 37. Hitting almost 40, I do expect myself living a cushy life. I will have wine & cheese in my fridge, a nice comfy armchair and it must have a leg rest so I can watch TV or play some classical music before I sleep. I don’t need a mansion with all sorts of facilities. Just a reasonably spacious five-room HDB flat fully furbish with anything that speaks comfortability.

I could foresee myself being a social worker since I already studied a diploma in it. I will get a degree or even a bachelor’s in the near future after I am done with national service. The special needs and the elderly sectors are my field of interests. Who knows? I could be conducting home visits or running¬†my own social programs for the community. If permit, I would like to run one of those VWOs (Voluntary Welfare Organisations). Sound very lofty eh? But nothing is impossible if you believe.

I plan to retire early. I hope to stop work by age 50. I want to travel the world by then, visit old friends in a few countries and do some sight seeing. A social worker in Singapore don’t earn much for my dreams to materialise. So for all these to happen, I will need a lot of savings and a lot of investments.

Love is just one aspect of life. I come to realise not everyone is lucky to find their other half. I don’t think I can be certain I will have a partner to walk the remaining life journey with me but I shall see. For heaven don’t always dispose what man proposes.

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