A very bad case of food poisoning


I knew it was bad but I never knew it was this bad.

It all begin with two claypot rice with nice charred rice bits for lunch. By evening time, I sensed a huge disturbance down from within. The entire night was then made unbearable with the constant pain and frequent visits to the bathroom.

The following morning was torturous to go through as I have to drag myself out of bed only to realise that the house was void of anyone. Relief came in the form of a quick warm shower.  Skipping my usual bread for breakfast, I made my way across the street to the family doctor to see what’s going on with my tummy.

I love being alone every once in a while just to clear my thoughts. But sitting alone in a freezing room waiting for your turn to be diagnosed was definitely not my ideal way of reflecting about life! Surely I could have texted a few friends and hope time will pass a little faster but the upsetting growls from my stomach were always a huge distraction to continue a proper conversation.

The thing I hate about visiting doctors is the long waiting time which doesn’t justify the exceptional short prognosis time by the doctor. Just a few checks along my abdomen and he told me it’s a pretty bad case of food poisoning with a mild fever as an added bonus. The next thing I knew was the strict list of abstinence food coupled with a six course medication demanding me to finish it. Life is just horrible when you’re sick.

So what have I been doing for the past three days of my life? Almost nothing really apart from waiting for someone to return from her Thailand vacation with my promised souvenirs!

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