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I’ve been to Abe’s before and I have quite a good impression since then. Never mind if this petite bistro along can only sit no more than 30 people at any given time or made me wait on my orders on my first visit. I love this place so much that sometimes I just wished I stayed within the vicinity so I can visit them regularly. And before I could make a reservation to try out their omakase course which has been the talk among all foodies due to its really affordable price, they were closed for quite some time.  I’m not sure what happened perhaps some technical issues behind the kitchen?

My mind was left to wonder for most of the time- Will I ever head back here again? I clinched (or clenched) at the thought that one of my favourite places to dine might just end up closing for good given the long periods of inactivity like some this other cafe I still used to go and got shocked when I heard people saying they’re closed indefinitely. So I’ve been stalking their facebook page regularly keeping track of any news when they might welcome customers back again. And finally sometime back in October 2013, I was to know that they are back in business!

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I thought I knew their menu well since I’m no longer a stranger to Abe anymore. But turns out, they have revamped their still limited menu to only just steaks and more seafood but here’s the catch: their ala carte menu changes according to what they import from Japan. And that’s something good especially if you can see yourself coming back regularly. To my dismay however, I was told my much craved seafood gratin is no longer available. The dish of baked cheese and potato packed with seafood of every kind that I couldn’t take off my mind; gone for good. Gosh, I wished I knew Abe a little earlier…

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Never mind about that, I just have to make accommodate and try something new like their much-talked about Omakase meals which can easily cost up to 100 bucks or more unlike Abe’s Diner which is more than reasonably priced under 70 bucks making hereone of the more affordable places to have those eight to nine Japanese course meal. To ease your pockets a little more, here’s a personal tip- check out their facebook page from time to time to see if they are offering discounts for their set meal.

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We came on a weekend dinner time and thank goodness we came early. Any later and I fear I might not get a seat. So really try to make reservations beforehand if you know you’re coming down here. If you can’t decide what to opt for, then may I suggest the Cold Noodle? I can’t exactly recall what is it composed off other than looking at the picture thinking of ramen, shoyu and one perfect soft-boiled egg but I do remember telling my partner this was pretty darn good! The only misgiving I had was the tiny portion which I swear I could finish everything in one gulp if I needn’t have to share.

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Then came the main courses. Yellowtail Collar Grilled With Salt ($26.00) and Ribeye Steak ($28.00). Both of which I must say, were perfectly executed. I was astounded by the quality of both dishes as well as the cooking skills of the chef or whoever that person was preparing my orders. The Yellowtail collar was evenly cooked and grilling with salt sure exemplifies that characteristic flavours of the sea.

Don’t even get started on the steak. I didn’t had too high hopes when it was plated in front of me. Afterall, I was used to their food styling presentation and serving me a slab of steak with just a few deep fried vegatable tempura doesn’t seem to do justice. That is how I thought so until I helped myself to the medium rare beef cut. The rest were really history and I shall proclaim to you that this might just be the best and more affordable steaks you can ever find in Singapore.

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Limited as their menu might still be, they still make up in the quality and overall presentation of every single dish. I think said this before. Abe’s is one of those places you have to go if you’re love authentic Japanese food. I think their prices and portions are still more than reasonable given that nothing on their menu cost more than $30.00. If I ever come back here again, I will definitely try out the omasake course which I seem to been missing out for both visits.

Service was comparable to their food. You wouldn’t feel left out or disconnected dining at Abe’s even though they have only one waitress, a Japanese attending to six to seven tables or practically the entire restaurant. So order a sake or those Sapporo beers and hang around after dinner. You will love this place and like me, wished your house is within reach.

Abe’s Diner
42 Eng Hoon Street, Singapore 169785
Tel: +65 6222 1719
Mon to Sat: 5:00 pm to 12:00 am
Closed on Sun

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