Abe’s Diner Tiong Bahru Singapore: The cozy little Japanese Shokudo

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Apart from knowing all the different places to have good meal, being a food blogger also means I get to visit all those nice places in person and tell everyone on my blog Hey! These are my personal recommendations to the nice eateries in that vicinity! I’ve heard much about that cozy little Japanese restaurant within the foodie community of  Tiong Bahru and their reasonably priced omakase course ($38++). It has been the top of my list to try and even more yearning to try after reading all those positive reviews of their Euro-Japanese dishes.

With my trusty partner by my side, we stepped into the place with high expectations for our Japanese dinner. Like all the other authentic 日本食堂 (Nihon shokudō) or Japanese eateries, the place is small which I believe could sit no more than 40 people. And judging from a few Japanese families walking in the same time as us for dinner, I would say it’s as authentic as Japanese cuisine can get!

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We flipped through the menu and we can’t decide to go for their rice rolls or raw fish. They both seemed good and it’s such a pity our wallets can’t sponsor both. In the end, my partner’s craving for sashimi led to a plate of fresh Sashimi of Three Kinds ($25.00) which we couldn’t get enough off.

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But there’s no need to order another plate of raw fish again since we’re going for their mains! While I wouldn’t say their Tonkatsu ($12.00) isn’t the comparable to the last one I had earlier, it is definitely good enough for two person to share over a casual meal. You have to finish it quick as it turns cold very fast in the air-conditioned space.

Note that rice come separately from the dish too.

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The final dish was their Seafood Gratin ($16.00) which seemed to take forever to come. I was so afraid they had forgotten my orders and I have to wait in agony watching my partner finishing up her last piece of fried cutlet.. I was only comforted when the only staff attending to all the tables assured me that the gratin is still in the oven. Now. How could she possibly know where my food was exactly at? Maybe she’s just trying to humor me while rushing the kitchen for my order or maybe she really knew! But for me, I just want my gratin on my table!

When the dish did came, I took a generous scoop and I told my friend that this is totally worth all the wait! They got everything just right. From the rich but not overpowering melted cheese to their generous fresh seafood hidden within. They got my thumb’s up for the quality and effort for their rendition of the Italian dish! Clearly the definition of the sentence: Perfection is many small things done well!

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I also think the two of us were very lucky to have a table for two without making any reservations as the next few customers that came later than us were turned away as there were reservations made already. So if you’re reading this post and keen to check out Abe’s Diner, I would definitely recommend that you ring them up to book tables.

For me, I could see myself dropping by again to try their omakase course real or just ring them up to prepare my seafood gratin beforehand.

Abe’s Diner
42 Eng Hoon Street, Singapore 169785
Tel: +65 6222 1719
Mon to Sat: 5:00 pm to 12:00 am
Closed on Sun

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