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Why hello! My name is Edward and welcome to my blog.

Born into a foodie family. Running a family F&B business. It’s no wonder why I start this blog. I love to eat and I’m passionate about food. Chances are I know almost every food establishments in Singapore. You name them and I probably could strike a conversation about what’s nice and not about the place.

But I’m more interested in baking than cafehopping. Hence the blog name, thedessertprince. I was inspired by my mum back when I was really young. I could spend the entire afternoon sitting beside her in the kitchen, watching her bake anything and everything. Yet the same woman placed an interdiction between me and the kitchen on reasons that I would messed up her space. Women are such complicated creatures…

Until I have my own kitchen, you won’t find me publishing any desserts that I bake. Thankfully I live in Singapore, a foodie country and I guess I shall find solace in cakes and tarts from various cafes for now. I’m not a fussy eater so be expect to see hawkers and restaurants besides desserts on this blog.

If you have any queries or just wanna say hi, do drop me an email at tangs.shokaku@gmail.com

Just like life, my blog too is a work-in-progress… 


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  1. Zebra a.k.a DJ TioBo

    Hi there. DJ TioBO here. I am surprised you still have so much time to visit all the different cafes when i do not believe in giving people off cos no one should ever have a life other then in my office while serving your national service. Anyway i had a great time reading your reviews and will go check up on your recommendations when i sportsmode to the different camps around Singapore cos I’m the big boss, needed at every important meeting you know? I’m a very busy man tiobo? Keep up the fantastic reviews, but remember that you only can go lunch at 12, cos i’m the boss and i say so,so you can don’t obey my orders meh? Cannot be mah, tiobo? And don’t eat until you every time diarrhea, I mark you already.

    P.S Remember to give up eating one fishball so you can donate to the ACD, $1 only and some more i gave you 20 minutes lecture about it, you still don”t want to donate? Cannot be mah, tiobo?

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