Al Amaan Eating House Singapore: $7.90 Prata Buffet on Ramadan 15

Screenshot_2015-07-07-07-45-03 (FILEminimizer)I had many buffet themes but never one purely on one food. I personally thought it was a super worth since I’m paying $7.90 (per pax) for an eat-all-you-can prata feast without any time constraints. Everyone thought I was mad to suggest going for the deal when I went around sharing news of it. Many refuse to go with me and I don’t blame them since majority were girls whom I have conditioned them to make every calorie count. There were even people asking me if free drinks were included. Seriously, it’s so damm hard to earn money from these people’s pockets.

Crazy people like me often has crazy friends for such occasion. My army friends were keen and within a week we made our way down to Kembangan for lunch. Al Amaan is located one street away from the Kembangan MRT Station. It is a 2 minutes walk along the canal beside Kembangan Plaza or further down from the best Mee Sua eatery (Seng Kee) if you are always confused by the one way streets in the area.IMG_7745 (FILEminimizer)There were occupied tables mostly of students in uniforms and guys from NS and I think all of us know why we were there. With our meagre allowance, I believe all of us are just looking for affordable deals and places to hangout on pay day. The waiting time is ridiculous but at least you know the pratas served to your table was made on the spot and not sitting on some oily aluminium tray.

Our first order came almost 30 minutes after writing our orders on paper (with a lousy black pen they provided) but hey! No one from the other tables were rushing for time and besides, we have the whole afternoon to ourselves. Got work? Not today.IMG_7724 (FILEminimizer)Variety is on the the photo above. We tried almost everything except for the those with fruity fillings. Two rounds as well as the long waiting intervals in between and we swear we will not be having dinner.

Our favourite was the sugar rendition. Just imagine tearing into one sweet caramelised sugar coated parta instead of the usual dipping into sugar crystals ones. Simple but awesome stuffs. Skip the ikan billis and the masala. The former was ultra salty while the latter just filled you up faster. Pepper prata just sounded wrong and why only have eggs and onions separately when you can have both in one!
IMG_201507945 (FILEminimizer)I personally think topping up $3.00 for the free flow teh tarik is not necessary. How much of the sweeten tea could you drink? Two cups of hot sweeten tea and I might as well grab the tall Milo Dinosaur from the drink stall. It’s alfresco and the indian coffeeshop is located just next to a car-congested alley so you definitely want something icy.

I’m not sure if the deal is only during Ramadah or it might extend but I think it will be even more crowded if you come here in the evening when the Muslims break fast. So my advise is to come here in the afternoons only. The pratas were nothing super fantastic compared to other better known prata shops in the vincity but who really cares? As long as they are served piping hot and I have crazy friends to talk over lunch. That’s how I think and made every cent worth.IMG_20150710_222939 (FILEminimizer)Yea, we didn’t had dinner and we ended up having supper at Changi Village after bowling and there goes my dieting plan…IMG_7729 (FILEminimizer)Al Amaan Eating House
459 Changi Road
12.00pm to 12.00am daily

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