Antoinette, Scarlet Hotel Ann Siang Hill Singapore: Downright disappointing

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Everyone is well aware of the famous Parisian patisserie named after the last queen of France. From the man who conceptualised if not popularised Canele Patisserie to creating a new laid back concept diner cafe known as Pique Nique. Indeed, I have tried some of their French sweet treats at their flagship salon de thé (tea room in French) at Penhas Road on my last visit.

And I have to say they didn’t disappoint me especially after savouring the well-celebrated dessert, Antoinette ($9.00). Even as I write this post, that chocolate mousse delight still lingers till today with that even stronger earl grey aftertaste…

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Such is the memorable delights of afternoon tea. Such a pity, only a few can apprehend…

Given their quality of cakes and my unforgettable pleasure on my last visit, I would assume that I could and would get the same expectations at their other outlets such as the one at Scarlet Hotel, Erskine Road. Like Winnie attracted to honey, I am always attracted to assorted colourful treats. Walking in the Parisian designed space and the first thing that you shall be drawn to the array of desserts within the glass fridge.

It didn’t took me long to decide what I want since I’m just here to satisfy my cravings. The earl grey chocolate mousse still hits the spot while the raspberry coulis, I loved it spilling all over my cake. Chloe ($9.00) on the other hand was a yuzu cremeux, white chocolate vanilla mousse, light sponge cake and almond sable with a nice edible daisy chocolate resting on it. It wasn’t up to my taste and somewhat dull if you must ask.

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A friend of mine once told me that assumption is the worst form of knowledge.

Apart from the nice fancy cakes, the rest were just downright disappointing. I would expect better when I paid close to 10 bucks for a pot of tea. Petite Rose ($8.50) was what I ordered but after taking a few sips, I concluded that I’m such a fool to pay so much for a pot of hot water barely scented with rose. My partner on the other hand, had the Antoinette’s Hot Chocolate ($7.00) and it was the worst chocolate drink we had. It was more water than chocolate, surprisingly bland and made worst with the bitter aftertaste that lingers. I would rather grab a cup of hot milo at the nearby Maxwell Hawker Centre which taste so much better than a overpriced drink.

I don’t always expect top notch service from most places especially if it’s popular and crowded. But I do expect service to be attentive and approachable but that’s not the case for Antoinette @Scarlet Hotel. There was only just a few occupied tables yet it is so hard to get the attention of the staff. Plates weren’t cleared immediately after diners had long left. Pretty unsightly especially you’re talking about a place said to be fit for a royalty.

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I paid $39.45 for just two delicious cakes and two disappointing beverages. It was unjustified by the even more upsetting services. A downright disappointment and I should have taken the hint not to visit the place after reading so many bad reviews about this particular outlet of Antoinette .

I will still recommend people to try Antoinette’s uniquely French creations if they have the spare cash to spend or if they have yet to try them yet. But never will I recommend the tea room at Scarlet Hotel again.

Fortunately, there are other more deserving cafes for tea in Ann Siang Hill and I will share about them soon!

Scarlet Hotel #01-02/03
33 Erskine Road, Singapore 06 3333
Tel: +65 6557 0417

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