Apps- Zolution: 12 reasons for restuarants to develop a mobile app!

Believe it or not, almost everyone young or old in the 21st century owns a smartphone. It’s almost made affordable from the smartphone plans that Singtel and Starhub provides and sometimes the phone even comes free of charge if you’re a smart shopper. And you can’t really fault how an Iphone or an android phone add colours into your life. From note taking to playing games, all these are made possible with the possibilities of the app stores!

As a foodie, I love to eat. There’s no doubt about what a foodie does right? But behind the scenes, before the actual process of IeatIshootIpost can begin, it’s all about IsearchIreadIplan right? Even more important if I were to plan for group outings for my friends and I always appreciate cafes and restaurants alike to have a informative website. A website that also reflects the culture/message/cuisine of the dining place.

Information is everything. It makes a key difference in deciding a worth to visit or not. Then you also got people like me who are always busy if not lazy to use a desktop/laptop to do the searching. I mean if you can bring information with you in your portable mini phone, why even bother sitting down, wasting time to allow your PCs to load when you can do wonders with just a click on your smartphone right? With the people from Apps-Zolution telling me 12 reasons for restaurants owners to develop a mobile app, how not to share it with you people out there?

1) Instant communication
A well thought-out and designed restaurant app will definitely settle down in smartphones and tablets of your mobile customers. Making your restaurant available for mobile users is a convenient recipe for long-term cooperation and continuous communication either with your clients or partners. This can be intensified with the help of built-in features like One Touch Calling.

2) Top-notch customer loyalty
Letting your clients “put your business in their pocket” wherever they go, keeping them informed, and providing positive user experience are the right strategy elements to force them come back. A mobile application for your restaurant is another marketing instrument to improve a customer loyalty program and attract new clients.

3) Navigation for your potential clients
With the help of Geo-location it may help consumers find your restaurant in a specific area and provide them with GPS directions. So, location-based marketing technology serves to promote and drive your consumers to a certain restaurant while they are mobile.

4) Full menu at mobile user’s fingertips
Be ready to share your restaurant menu with the world. By including the entire menu in a mobile app, a restaurateur will be able to showcase a full range of foods and drinks available at the restaurant. Let your clients make reservations and check in remotely using their palm-friendly devices.

5) Push notifications
Deploy automated notifications among your client base, giving information about special offers, upcoming events. Small informative messages posted within your mobile app will remind of your restaurant and improve customer service.

6) Mobile coupons for restaurants
Fill tables with the help of your restaurant app and encourage frequent visits by promoting a discount coupon for regular visitors. Mobile coupons will certainly intensify the growth of your business online through attracting mobile users’ attention.

7) Another source of brand awareness
The term “mobile application” has become a buzzword among modern costumers. Those companies that haven’t yet “become mobile” are two steps back in the development of their business. That’s why a mobile app for restaurants may be used as a marketing tool to put word of mouth and outperform your competitors.

8) Food ordering channel
Mobile food ordering apps could be effective to boost the service level of your restaurant. Contemporary visitors choose restaurants while surfing mobile space on their smart devices. And if you have a mobile app, it will allow your customers to order or make online reservations while on the move.

9) Mobile search
Mobile search is another possibility to find your restaurant. According to multiple research studies, when costumers discover that your restaurant is not mobile-friendly, at least 40% of them use your competitor’s mobile service. Moreover, half of mobile searches have local intention, according to a new study by ComScore.

10) Informative value of your restaurant
Elevate the popularity of your restaurant by giving to the customers more useful information about special dishes of your restaurant, benefits of spices or herbs and ingredients used during their preparation and more. Today’s costumers prefer to deal with real experts of their craft and choose unique propositions.

11) Modern recipe-book
If you are ready to offer your clients more than they expect, it will take your business to a new, higher level. Whether you have some general recommendations about how to prepare delicious food or have your chief’s specialties, share it with your frequent visitors through the mobile app.

12) QR codes
The popularity of the buzzword “QR code” has skyrocketed at unprecedented rate throughout the world. Connect with your customers with QR codes to provide your visitors with discounts and specials. This innovative approach can significantly improve your communication with clients through using modern techniques.

If you’re a owner of cafes and restaurants seeking to publicise glorious food by you and your kitchen team to draw the attention of foodie like me, then, start considering about developing a mobile app with apps-zolution!

To sign up, simply visit to get started and key in thedessertprince150 to enjoy a $150 off! Just follow the photo shown above. Don’t wait and start thinking about your marketing strategy to prosper your business! And a special thanks to the people from Apps-Zolution for allowing me to share this wonderful article to everyone.
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