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Ladies and Gentlemen. Are you a fan of gourmet artisan bread? If so then may I present you the latest addition to Singapore’s bread-making scene. Artisan Boulangerie Co. or ABC as everyone calls this place. Head by the celebrated baker, Eran Mayer who sold his Parisian bakery back in the captial city of France and move eastward into this tiny red speck on the globe. I was somewhat impressed to learn that this bakery situated along Killiney Road is gaining popularity among local community despite facing off with already established bakeries like TBT (Tiong Bahru Bakery), Baker & Cook and even PAUL just to name a few.

On a side note, I also heard they have already began expanding outside of town. And with a total of three bakeries running under one name in just under a year since their inception, ABC is definitely here to make a name among the top notch bakeries.

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It’s just like any other artisan bakery. You feast your eyes with bread of all shades of brown, shape and size. All nice to have for breakfast lunch tea whichever timing you arrive and trust me, you will be tempted to try a little of everything like the assorted fruit tarts and oversized pretzels. That is until you look closely at the price tags and your innate alarm starts screaming at the back of your mind overpriced. And that’s the thing I don’t like about these cafe bakeries.

I can neither understand nor appreciate why am I paying six bucks for creme tarts with dainty fruits on or almost $10 for a loaf of bread with stuffing in-between. It’s the kind of food where I can buy them from the supermarkets and make them in my own kitchen. Never mind all these but if you’re telling this is top notch luxurious food then explain why were my Roast Chicken Baguette ($11.50) and Portobello Mushroom and Feta ($9.80) cold and as hard as rock. I didn’t quite enjoy them especially after knowing that they didn’t heat up my pre-assembled food.

For all I know even Subway heats their bread before placing the greens on so I can’t understand why this supposedly specialty shop can’t do it. And no, I don’t take like long queues or lunch hours as excuses to compromise the standard of food. It’s already bad enough that I’m willing to pay almost 10 bucks for a slab of bread with stuffing and even worst when it’s rock hard cold. So really, if you’re on your virgin visit here, I suggest you give their sandwiches a miss and opt for something more deserving.

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Deserving a revisit from me has got to be their Croissant ($2.80). They were some of the best I had since TBT way back ago. I can’t really say which is better but you can always count on a buttery rich yet not ridiculously greasy croissant to be good. Even then, I think good is still not enough to describe these well-made luxury bread.

There. I said my thoughts about this much celebrated boulangerie. I personally think all these luxurious bakeries are just demands from a social hype. Everyone wants to enjoy life like those Parisian depicted in soap operas and shows but they do need to maintain their standards if they ever want to sustain longer here. Come after the lunch crowd say maybe during the later part of the day because it gets really noisy to enjoy anyway.

Artisan Boulangerie Co.
118 Killiney Road, #01-01
Singapore 239555
Tel: +65 6444 8130
8 am to 10 pm daily

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  1. Clementine

    Having been born in Paris I can tell you that good bread is a way of life in France, not props in soap operas.

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