Artscience Museum Sep 15

IMG_9314 (FILEminimizer)When I visited the three exhibitions (Read: here, here & here) again, the entire experience was very different. I was with another friend. I no longer had the luxury of space and time over at The Deep’s dark passages. There were continuous waves of people passing by the lit up exhibits and I just got to make do adding them into my pictures and the effect was still great.

All friends would know that I hate carrying a lot of things when I’m outside. I used to go school empty handed, without a bag and just my wallet and keys (Phones weren’t allowed in my lousy secondary school back then). So if carrying a camera and a sling bag is consider troublesome to me, then carrying an additional tripod stand will kill me. Or at least that’s how I think it might.IMG_9330 (FILEminimizer)But there will always be moments when I wished I could just mount my camera onto a stand. I blame it on my shaky hands. I can take a hundred shots and almost a quarter of them are blurred because my hands moved. Well? Photography is all about improvising and I realise how useful were the specimen display boxes as stable platforms! I got the best two shots and I seriously love them (see below).

While I was there, I did saw a few guys copying what I did so I really hope no one shift the display boxes and damage any of the specimens.
IMG_9337 (FILEminimizer) IMG_9325 (FILEminimizer) IMG_9364 (FILEminimizer)The Dreamworks exhibit was the main interest for my friend. It was the last day and she really needed some getaway time from her heavy commitments. I thought I seen it all on my first visit so I wasn’t really keen to take photos. Having said that, experiencing the same stuffs with another person brings new perspective.

It’s like me and the male BFF whom I went previously would never sit down and do the various activities at the three exhibits. On the other hand, going out with my female BFF was different. I got to find coloured markers so that her paper angler looked as colourful as the five year old kid sitting opposite us. Or wait patiently for her to rest her feet and have fun making a flipbook so she could  flip it and send it over snapchat for her eyecandy to see.IMG_9372 (FILEminimizer)IMG_9368 (FILEminimizer)I still couldn’t resist spamming extra shots at the castle model. It was still something that I can’t get my eyes off.
IMG_9389 (FILEminimizer)Last but not least, Singapore Stories. A collection of historic articles. How mere words, speeches and photos could invoke raw emotions. Not the typical happy lor or sad lah nor angry sia but intense sense of pride, gratitude and to a certain extend, luckiness. Maybe I’m not so good with words but when you’re there really reading and if you’re lucky, the chance to eavesdrop on other people’s real account of history. Then you might know how unique we are to be Singaporeans. I’m not patriotic but I know how lucky I am to be born in this small part of the world compare to those born in 1993 too.

My Singapore Story is to be able to enjoy life and be a part of my friends and families life.

I told my friend that I will accompany her and I did. I hoped you enjoy the day.

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