Axis Bar And Lounge Singapore II

IMG_92479(FILEminimizer)If I need to impress a date these days or a cousin whom I love hanging out with, I’m heading back to the bars and restaurants at the hotels. Even though a meal or a round of drinks can set me a hundred dollars back, they tend to have decent service, creativity and consistent food standards. Unlike the typical plain boring (not to mention overprice) Singapore cafes, I tend to return to the same hotel establishments simply because they gave me a deep impression.

I went to the Axis some time back (click here) and I have came back on here on several festive occasions. I love the ambience of the lounge as well as the side panoramic view of the bay. In fact I love the entire interior of the hotel. The dim settings that doesn’t feel ghastly and the stairs to the Chinese restaurant above MELT. Reservations are a must especially if you are planning to drop by for tea after shopping. Their high tea (click here for the menu) is apparently quite popular on the weekends. I did not get the comfy sofa seats but we came just before the second tea sitting and got lucky to be seated by the tall table at the side. It’s more relaxing honestly.
IMG_9259 (FILEminimizer)I would have order tea but it gets very boring when you constantly drink TWG variations. I’ve wished the bar could have some variation of tea brands. Maybe sourcing from a less known tea source and who knows it might be better received. So I tend to order their alcoholic drinks and somehow I always go for the Mandarin Sling ($26.00). A tall glass composed of Mandarin vodka, cherry brandy, Midori, passion fruit juice, peach purée, orange & lemons to go with our complementary snacks. I think it’s free-flow because we were second serving but I said no because I needed to watch my weight.

I love the citrus taste of the cocktail and at least it’s one full glass to last me a good amount of time. My cousin’s Lychee Martini ($22.00) was nothing to speak off but at least the pretty waitress poured it out of the shaker right in front of you. It can be expensive just like my cousin’s belated birthday cake; a piece of plated Red Velvet Rose Cheesecake with pink chocolate for walls that cost $18.00 before tax. I don’t usually pay more than $10.00 for a piece of somewhat ordinary dessert but I owe my partner a cake so I’m willing to pay for it. Ultimately, it is the attention to detail and excellent service that makes me coming back to the Axis. On a side note, the female staffs are cheery, more approachable than their male counterpart.
IMG_9249 (FILEminimizer)I think I should save up, dress up and make time for their high tea set on another time. I heard they rotate their menu every one quarter of the year.I overheard it was Indian fare this time. I wonder if they have a Japanese theme?

Axis Bar and Lounge
Mandarin Oriental Singapore
5 Raffles Avenue, Marina Square
Singapore 039797
Tel: +65 6885 3500

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