Badoque Cafe Simpang Bedok Singapore: That out-of-proportion halal cafe

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Being a food blogger means that my friends are almost always expecting me to plan the next where’s the next “in” place to dine. Personally, I take great joy in planning a nice comfy lunch or an extravagant gathering meal but problems can always ruin your ideal perfect plan…

One of those problem is actually finding that suitable place to host my Muslim friends. We could easily make our way to the typical major halal restaurant chains like we always do but I recon we are sick and tired of going the same place time after time again. Don’t get me wrong and conclude that I am racist or something but…

I must say I wish there were more halal options to choose from this tiny little island.

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I needed somewhere trendy. Somewhere that serves halal food and definitely somewhere new!

That’s where Badoque kicks in! I managed to chance upon the facebook page of the Italian/ Mediterranean joint. The place is a stroll away off the main road of Simpang Bedok,  just behind Simpang Bedok Food Centre.

You can’t miss the cafe since they have a big green B logo off their glass panel. It’s not exactly a big place to boost about and most of their tables are in the alfresco section. Something that doesn’t please me given the humid weather that always strike during my birthday month (April).

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Now that’s how you throw a dinner birthday feast!

Menu came in the form of huge paper slips which I have to say, nothing impress me. It gave me the impression that this is something similar to the usual restaurant chains we’ve been going. How wrong I was when our orders came one by one. Everything on the plates were huge and way out of proportion! I should have taken a snapshots of all our amazed faces when our table pile up with food.

While Badoque might be a nice choice to consider when planning something nice for your Muslim friends,  I have to be honest that their food didn’t quite reflect the simple, fresh and light-hearted Italian or Mediterranean cuisine that I’m used to. Maybe it’s more of a fusion hangout considering most of their dish comprise of heavy hearty sauce.

Will I recommend the place?  Sure I would! But would I be back again? Maybe not so soon… Now it’s one birthday celebration post published and a few more to go!

Badoque Cafe
298 Simpang Bedok, Singapore 469454
Tel: +65 6446 6928

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