Baileys Cupcakes

I just got drunk not too long ago and suffered a terrible hangover over the weekend. I told the entire world I will not drink vodka by the shots ever again but I suppose a little more alcohol wouldn’t kill? A friend of mine experimented making bailey cupcakes and reserved four for me. You know I can’t resist having cakes inside my belly.

We met. He told me the process of making a dozen of these and I went home happily with a box. If only life is so easy.

IMG_5250 (FILEminimizer)I love desserts infused with alcohol. The taste of booze after a few shots may pack a knock out punch real quick but what remains of alcohol in most desserts is that strong whiff of whatever intoxicants you pour in coupled with that faint delightful taste.

Ahhh… The Irish cream based liqueur, Baileys. I was quite surprised when I heard my baking friend said he’s using Baileys instead of the champagne I gave him. No matter, he’s an accomplished patissier and I totally have faith in what he bakes. I tried his red velvet cupcakes before and compared then and now, he has improve a lot! The rose piping on each cake is more distinct. I left the cupcakes for almost two hours to thaw and the beautiful rose piping didn’t sweat or run out of shape.

Almost comparable to those of Plain Vanilla and just like I always said: Another step closer to your dreams~

IMG_5255 (FILEminimizer)The cupcakes I had in Singapore rarely had core within. Most places have just fanciful buttercream and dainty petite treats on it. I sliced one in the middle and see a 3/4 hole filled with cream. Pretty unique although in my mind, I was expecting it to be oozing like some chocolate lava cake. A small note. Only the core has bailey buttercream to enhance the alcoholic taste already in the cupcakes. The rose piping was vanilla based buttercream.

Perhaps I was too happy when I consumed 1/6 of the cake. It was really sweet especially the buttercream and the core but it did went well as an after dinner treat. He told me he’s slightly freer now so I think I can expect a few more bakes from him soon. I am so eager to try.

IMG_5258 (FILEminimizer)So there you have it. Baileys cupcakes with perfect rose piping…

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