Basilico Regent Hotel Singapore: The Sunday brunch experience

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Elaborate Buffets spreads are a common sight at restaurant hotels. In fact all restaurant hotels have their own unique cuisine theme which we all adore them for. Seafood, Asian or even the usual international ones. Personally if you ask me, I think none can rival the Italian Buffet that Basilico has been so famous for. In fact, this is the only known place that cater Italian buffet. I doubt there’s another restaurant that offers such cuisine or even comparable to Basilico.

Doubt what I say? Then give a quick online search about Basilico and you will find many positive reviews about their Italian Buffet. Located on the second floor of Regent Hotel, reservations are strictly a must if you want to secure a table to enjoy their food.

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Step into the restaurant via the posh entrance and you will already be tempted to start grabbing a little of salad helpings here and a couple of fresh seafood there. But the one section that captivate me most has got to be their cheese room. Tucked on the right hand corner of the restaurant, it is quite literally a room dedicated to nothing but cheese of every kind. They come in all shapes and sizes.

From the usual common hard cheese to some of the more rarer and hard to find soft ones. Take a deep whiff when you enter the room and I assure you it’s one of those dining experience you shall never forget. If their cheese room doesn’t impress you then you might wanna ask yourself if Basilico is the right place for you…

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Perhaps you don’t love cheese as much as I do. But worry not for their array of assorted hams might bring delight to you. Much like their variety of cheese, the sight of so many cold cut meats is enough to put many buffet serving restaurants to shame!

From there on, I really don’t know how to begin my brunch experience at this superb Italian restaurant. Simply because everything tasted so good! I can’t find any faults or even make a fuss about their quality and quantity of  food. Everything was worth plating on but there was simply just too many dishes I could stomach in.

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But buffet is not about trying everything. It’s more like eating all your favorite food until the cravings is gone! Filling squid in pasta with generous servings of seafood, crusty pizza bread with tomato base and fresh salmon, ice cold fresh scallops and eat-all-you-want crab legs and good sized lobsters. You tell me what more could you expect for a buffet?

Whatever it is just give me more and more slabs of wagyu beef please!

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Cheese and ham might be the highlight your buffet experience at Basilico but I doubt it will be complete unless you tried their truffle risotto. They got the consistent of the risotto just right and the simple rice dish isn’t completely overwhelmed in truffle taste. I can’t remember how any helpings I had for all I remembered was me singing praise to my brunch partner and she couldn’t agree more too!

Free flow foie gras anyone? As fantastic as we all know these livers, they are still pretty high in cholesterol so go easy on them okay? Do note that foie gras are only available on Sundays only.

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Buffet is all about eating till your hearts’ content and Basilico is all about satisfying your love for all things Italian. I have no doubt about their quality which they so take pride in. I would go as far as to say Basilico is as authentic as any Italian restaurant you can find in Singapore with an added twist of being a buffet restaurant.

Do give credit for the chefs and staffs for crafting such a wonderful dining experience.

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Prices might be a little steep especially their weekend buffet brunches. Let’s not even get started about including free flow alcoholic drinks. But what you pay is what you get and when I think of it, you gonna spend almost the same amount or perhaps even more dining at a random fine-dining Italian inspired restaurant concept too. Might as well go for a buffet where everyone gets to take their leisure time to eat what they really want right?

No one’s telling you to come here all the time. If you really want to have a chance to enjoy their hearty Italian food but not overtly keen to spend too much money then opt for their cheaper weekday lunch ($48++) which I sincerely believe you will not be disappointed too.

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Do consider Basilico if you are celebrating any important dates as I did on my birthday back sometime ago. I totally didn’t expect to receive birthday cake though I did mention somewhere along the line when I made the reservation. The cakes wasn’t something special but rather it’s the thought that they actually remember that counts right?

Their desserts are great but I doubt you will have anymore extra space after going through so many rounds of ham, cheese and what other mains they have to offer. If you’re more of a dessert person than a foodie, then Tea Lounge would be a better choice for your dining experience at Regent Hotel.

Regent Singapore, A Four Seasons Hotel
1 Cuscaden Road, Singapore 249715
Tel: +65 6725 3246
Note: For more info about pricing and timing, click here.

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