Bonheur Patisserie Duxton Hill Singapore: It’s what I enjoy doing

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Strawberry Balsamic Mousse ($7.50)

I will always remember the day I decided to start up my food blog. It wasn’t about seeking fame or gaining popularity from writing although I have to admit that I enjoy the attention my friends and family gives. I mean who wouldn’t like that kind of attention right?

Set aside the little confession of mine , it has always been a dream of mine to broaden my horizon. I’m hardly shy to new people and always keen to try new things. I think it speaks something about my personality. Somewhat of a extrovert you might think. Well, I’m just glad that blogging provided me that window of opportunity to kick start this little adventure of mine.

Cafe-hopping. Fine Dining. Dessert sphere. Food tasting. High tea. Just to name a few of my interests. The possibilities of fun are endless!

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Rhubarb Cheesecake ($7.50)

Looking back at how I even begin, I too begin to reminisce about all the cafes and restaurants I have visited up to date. I never really forget each and every single one I visited. I could even tell who I went with just to prove you my superb memory. But none could compare with the cafe at my favourite place; Duxton Hill.

If I could recall, I was running around like a little boy exploring the hilly out spot. There were so much to see and so much to explore but the weather was humid and hot. I needed somewhere to chill, somewhere to have a drink and rest my aching feet. Just a few shop houses from where I was, I found just the place and since then I’ve been returning back time after time again.

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Chocolate Cake ($7.50)

I have no idea why though I keep returning the same place. Maybe it’s because of their wonderful petite cakes or their sleek white interior design of the cafe that is somewhat captivating. But apart from my first visit, somehow, I always have good company to go with my cakes and tea. How wonderful it is just to spend your afternoon such chatting and sharing the sweets with tea by our side.

Ohhh Gosh! I just miss all those heart to heart talks I had with my friends. Come to think of it, the conversations seemed to be like gossips!

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Assorted Macarons

Blogging seems like an endless journey. There’s always something to new to write about. Never mind about revisiting the same place time and time again. It’s the fun that really matters and it’s what I enjoy doing. I just wonder what happens to my blog when I die. Will there be a successor? That is something for me to think and ponder but rest assure of all the tempting photos you will get to see when you visit this little space of mine.

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If you love visiting cafes in Singapore, do consider Bonheur at the top of your list. It’s a nice quiet little place where friends and family gather for something nice and sweet. Come on the weekdays when they have the cake+tea promotion going at $10. I think Bonheur is a lovely place to hang out and chill just don’t come on Sundays as they will be close.

Bonheur Patisserie
70 Duxton Road, Singapore 089529
Tel: +65 6221 1148
Note: They have closed their outlet at Duxton Hill and allocated to Turf City.

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