Can we really let go?

I see D rather frequently. The two of us fought a few times but yet we are still very close to one another. I don’t know how or when we started our friendship but surely, she’s someone I would turn to in times of need and vice versa. The need to confide our deepest secrets. Classified information that outsiders should not know.

There is also C in the picture although I don’t always call her as often as I should. In fact, I’ve been neglecting her a lot ever since well, I don’t when and she puts no stop to bring this point across the table last night. I do feel guilty about it but she’s not the only one complaining that part of me. The three of us known each other for a decade now but yesterday night was one of those moments we drew ever closer.

We have passed our 21st Birthday, no longer teenagers but young adults trying to make a living in corporate Singapore. It’s not easy but yet we are pushing hard to make it to the top. We all have have our own problems. Love issues to be exact and I’ll be damn by the two of them if I write them all here. So to summaries everything, Eyecandy is always on my mind although reality speak otherwise. D is very living the fairytale every girl hopes for although it’s a little complicated and lets just say C has been going round in endless circles for years with another someone else.

The love of our lives. Someone out there that still bring us much joy in life. I never underestimate the power of love. A dynamic energy that leads to all things possible. The best motivation to strive hard is love. The only comfort in times of hardship is also love and we even pick new habits & alter our lifestyles all in the name of the four letter word. But deep down, we all know a future with our current other halves is almost impossible to fathom. Despite this thought, we still pressed on living as though there is a glimmer of hope. We grinned and we smiled as we talked about our love lives as though we had a happily ever after. All the silly fallacies we have and we reject reality.

I know it was stupid to bring my point across but what if and I mean what if we choose to let go? Can we really do it? I don’t think so. I think it will be a huge blow if I walk away from Eyecandy now or vice versa. The same goes to D and C provided they are willing to allow such a thought cross their mind. It’s impossible to tell the three of us to give up now. We have dwell too deep in this mess and we can’t just pull ourselves out that easily.

all these are figurative talking so in the end, can we really let go? I think we can but that tug will definitely kill us inside.

If I could steal this moment forever
Paint a picture-perfect smile
So our story stayed alive
We would never say goodbye

We three got each other’s back covered. We are each other’s support pillar and each other’s safety net.

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