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I visited many cafes and patisseries around Singapore and none I’ve tried is quite on par as Canele Patisserie. I would go as far as to proclaim Canele as my all-time favourite patisserie and I’m pretty darn sure my friends will be nodding their heads in silence agreeing to what they read in this post.

While it is no hidden secret that the famous Chef Pang Kok Keong left Canele and subsequently founded Antoinette and Pique Nique, one would how their sweet treats still fare under a new executive pastry chef and he’s a Frenchman with quite an impressive portfolio himself. Though I never met the man himself but I visited them quite a few times at different outlets and I daresay their desserts has almost never disappoint unlike their rival

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My previous visit to the popular patisserie was their outlet at Shaw House and unlike their more popular branch at Raffles City and Paragon, they don’t have their full array of all their desserts for display. But if you do need somewhere a little more quiet for lunch in the city then their Shaw outlet is the perfect. Arrive just before noon and I can guarantee you can have the cafe all to yourself until the next diner comes along.

Just before you are thinking to skip lunch and dive straight for their desserts, do give their Light Cream Truffle & Mushroom Pasta ($14.00) a try. I found the pasta dish creamy yet not too overwhelming. Perfect if you intend to spare some space for their sweet delights!

Their Club Smoked Salmon Sandwich ($14.00) on the other hand was nothing worth relishing but more than heart enough to make a meal out off. But then again, if you’re talking about Canele, I reckon their savory dishes shouldn’t outshine their sweeters ones right?

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Even though it’s just a few variety to choose from, it’s still a trouble to go through their menu. But another good reason why I love Canele is simply because they bother to tell diners what goes into each of their specially crafted desserts. Take for instant, their Le Chocolat Croustillant ($7.50)  or Crispy Chocolate Cake if you want to know what’s in English.

A whimsical chocolate indulgence, using luscious Vanini chocolate mousse layered between a crispy chocolate praline & opulent Gianduja cream, surrounded by a wall of divine dark chocolate glaze & crushed hazelnuts.

It’s almost like having a Ferrero Rocher chocolate bar for tea but across all their chocolate cakes they have, I would opt for La Noisette with savory roasted hazelnuts dipped in blissfully salty caramel & praline crème Chantilly, cocooned in a voluptuous choux puff.

Sounds more interesting don’t you think so?

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Alas, their macarons. Where do I even begin?

Rated as some of the finest macarons in Singapore by the Strait Times, is there anything I can or should add on? Why bother about Laduree and their overpriced macarons which isn’t freshly made locally. If Canele is known as the best, I’m sticking to them. My all-time favourite has always been their Rose but if pink ain’t to your liking, go for their Salted Caramel also known as  Fleur De Sel.

In conclusion, Canele is one patisserie that I think everyone should go once in a while to relax and chit chat with friends over tea. Their quality speaks loud and clear to everyone  about their passion to bake and create. And if you need a quiet cafe in town, try their Shaw outlet instead.

Canele Patisserie Chocolaterie
Shaw House #05-21
350 Orchard Road, Singapore 238868
Tel: +65 6735 5855
Mon to Sun: 11am to 10pm

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