Birthday Celebrations

August 7

Elaborate Buffets spreads are a common sight at restaurant hotels. In fact all restaurant hotels have their own unique cuisine theme which we all adore them for. Seafood, Asian or even the usual international ones. Personally if you ask me, I think none can rival the Italian Buffet that Basilico has been so famous for. In fact, this is the only known place that cater Italian buffet. I doubt there’s another restaurant that offers such cuisine or even comparable to Basilico.

Doubt what I say? Then give a quick online search about Basilico and you will find many positive reviews about their Italian Buffet. Located on the second floor of Regent Hotel, reservations are strictly a must if you want to secure a table to enjoy their food…

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May 4

Birthdays are perfect excuses to have something good. I’m a glutton and I like to eat so I wont deny it. You can have it anyway and every way you fancy and everyone will just say Yes let’s go eat something tasty! That’s what I love about celebrating birthdays with people and food.

Such an joyous occasion I would say…

Even more when you have different variety of dish to share with a large group of like-minded foodies. Having cze char is a nice alternative to the usual buffet meals. For we can divide the cost and order more food to try and possibly still have room for more!

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April 28
April 27

I like to think that I’m a happy person.

I like to live everyday as though there’s something worth laughing or celebrating for. So there’s no need to say how I like my birthdays to be celebrated over the entire month of April. I know it’s a bit too much for the average guy to comprehend. I mean come on, apart from me, who else would celebrate birthdays for 30 days?

But I have simply too many friends and housing all of them in a chalet isn’t my ideal kind of fun. Besides, meeting different friends almost every other day just gives me an excuse to visit more cafes and restaurants!

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April 25

I like to think that I’m one blissful guy. I often find myself surrounded by nice and generous friends who wouldn’t mind a treat once in a while. I vividly remembered a good friend hosting a group of us over something we love lavishing our attention on; Fish sashimis. The apparent holy grail to some of my friends’ love for all things raw.

And it’s not just some cheap roadside sashimis but good and thick slabs of fresh fish cuts of a Japanese restaurant. The best part was we had a room all to ourselves and we just order whatever we feel like having if we still could spare a room or two…

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April 18

Being a food blogger means that my friends are almost always expecting me to plan the next where’s the next “in” place to dine. Personally, I take great joy in planning a nice comfy lunch or an extravagant gathering meal but problems can always ruin your ideal perfect plan…

One of those problem is actually finding that suitable place to host my Muslim friends. We could easily make our way to the typical major halal restaurant chains like we always do but I recon we are sick and tired of going the same place time after time again. Don’t get me wrong and conclude that I am racist or something but…

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