August 29

Ohh look. Edward is having tea with one of his dolled up tai tai friends again.

That’s the kind of impression most of my friends have when they see the photos on my instagram. I think they are just envious of me being surrounded by pretty ladies most of the time. I don’t really care about what others think of me. After all, what could me more important than sipping tea?

Anyway, it’s been years since I last sat by the table of posh tea set which The Rose Veranda is so known for. They might just be the only known tea lounge in Singapore that uses silverware instead of the standard stainless steel. It does speaks a lot about Shangri-La attention to details. Set that aside, this is also also one of those few hotel tea rooms that serves one full seating (11.30am to 6pm) instead of the usual two on their weekday afternoon tea buffet too. So if you’re looking to spend a leisure weekday afternoon with friends and tea, then look no further and consider The Rose Veranda of Shangri La Hotel now!

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August 22

The Line of Shangri La Hotel has always pride itself as one of the best international buffets in Singapore. Best not just in terms of the quality of food but quantity and variety too. If I didn’t get my facts wrong, the line actually has 16 different stations spread across the sleak white immaculate room to boost about. It is quite literally a feast fit for royalty don’t you think?

It’s almost like my ideal lunch buffet given the fact there was almost everything the I can ever wished for. From starters like salmon tartare roll and a salad bar with all sorts of greens to oven-roasted duck and the eat-all-you-can sushis and sashimis. I would reckon it’s almost impossible to have everything in just one luncheon! The variety of raw ham and gourmet cheese might not rival the cheese room of Basilico but I assure you quality at The Line is never compromise.

With an international buffet theme, one should not be surprised to see Malay satays, Chinese dim sums and even Indian curries and rice too!

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August 7

Elaborate Buffets spreads are a common sight at restaurant hotels. In fact all restaurant hotels have their own unique cuisine theme which we all adore them for. Seafood, Asian or even the usual international ones. Personally if you ask me, I think none can rival the Italian Buffet that Basilico has been so famous for. In fact, this is the only known place that cater Italian buffet. I doubt there’s another restaurant that offers such cuisine or even comparable to Basilico.

Doubt what I say? Then give a quick online search about Basilico and you will find many positive reviews about their Italian Buffet. Located on the second floor of Regent Hotel, reservations are strictly a must if you want to secure a table to enjoy their food…

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July 27

Reading posts and reviews.

That’s what we do before we head out for a meal. It is not just knowing how to reach your desired destination or get second and third opinions about the eateries. It goes far more than just skimming and scanning random articles on the net. I mean don’t you just wish you were the owner of that visually- tempting and sink your cutlery or stuff your cheeks with whatever they were eating?

Doesn’t the back of your head register a list of must-visit places as you read about all the recommendations by a complete stranger whom you will never get to meet?

Whether or not you understand what I’m trying to say, I’m telling you this. If you’re looking for a nice affordable place for buffet, look no further and consider what Quality Cafe with their Taiwan porridge buffet has to offer…

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April 25

I like to think that I’m one blissful guy. I often find myself surrounded by nice and generous friends who wouldn’t mind a treat once in a while. I vividly remembered a good friend hosting a group of us over something we love lavishing our attention on; Fish sashimis. The apparent holy grail to some of my friends’ love for all things raw.

And it’s not just some cheap roadside sashimis but good and thick slabs of fresh fish cuts of a Japanese restaurant. The best part was we had a room all to ourselves and we just order whatever we feel like having if we still could spare a room or two…

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January 15

Tea Lounge by Regent Hotel has always been one of my favourite places for afternoon tea. I can’t remember all the wonderful sessions I had but it sure was kind of the staffs at Regent to invite me back to try out their improved afternoon tea buffet…

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