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December 23

Between ZX and I, Island Creamery is almost always at the back our mind. I can’t remember the number of times we visited the palour at Cluny Court since we got together way back in 2012. It’s almost like our favourite hangout place so if you happen to see us there, just say hi alright?

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December 23

Popular cafes often depicts the typical scene of the busy lunch hours where tables for two and fours are hoard up by families and friends with staffs both busy inside and outside the kitchen. I can imagine that kind of scene during the first one or two months of the famous gourmet cafe from across the Pacific Ocean. Honestly speaking, I almost never enjoy my meals in a explicitly noisy area since it’s distracting to strike a conversation with your partner…

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December 12

I am always searching for new places for tea. It’s almost like a personal hobby. To sip tea and enjoy a conservation with a friend or two is one of life’s greatest joy to me. I can hardly imagine myself not enjoying afternoon tea. Surely it must be very horrible indeed but fear not! For I’ve found somewhere fantastic and being me, I like to share what a wonderful place it is…

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November 25

I can’t believe what I just did! I had ice creams not just one but two consecutive days! The best part was I didn’t realise how many sins I’ve committed until I walked out of the store feeling gratified. Opps but ohh well, what’s done is done and ice cream at Udders is almost always worth the extra calories.

I know Udders has quite a few outlets across the island and they recently set up a kiosk right smack in my house area, Tampines but I just have a particular preference with their Novena outlet. I don’t know why. Perhaps it’s a nice place to chill with friends and family alike with ice creams of very kind…

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November 24

Ice creams are one of the best things in life. Although they only come in one shape, they do come in all sort of flavours you can ever imagine and at Tom’s Palette, they just outdo the possibilities every now and then. Some are just awesome like Earl Grey and Yuzu while some are just weird. Anyone willing to try Salted Egg flavour? See what I mean? For your info, I did had a sample once and I still don’t quite like it. Well, at least you can’t fault me for not trying!

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