Finest moments in life

April 27

I like to think that I’m a happy person.

I like to live everyday as though there’s something worth laughing or celebrating for. So there’s no need to say how I like my birthdays to be celebrated over the entire month of April. I know it’s a bit too much for the average guy to comprehend. I mean come on, apart from me, who else would celebrate birthdays for 30 days?

But I have simply too many friends and housing all of them in a chalet isn’t my ideal kind of fun. Besides, meeting different friends almost every other day just gives me an excuse to visit more cafes and restaurants!

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April 22

Three years in my field of study and I’ve met many people from my course.

Some are quite like me while some arrived with a different lifestyle quite unlike what I often see. By the work of fate, somehow we befriended each another.

Some are my confidants where secrets are kept and entrusted upon them. Then there are those whom I could always enjoy a great meal together as a huge group, just a few of us or even just you and me.

But there will always be a bunch and a group of them that will walk away from your life. It can be sad and depressing but there’s nothing I could do to stop them from leaving. I could only comfort myself that they are just passing through my life and focus on the better things in life…

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March 2
December 15

The year is coming to an end and like many others celebrating Christmas with one another, it’s also a time to look back and ponder about the deeper things in life.

2012 was a year like no other. A year full of challenges. A twelve months period never fall short of setbacks and disappointments. I think it’s not my intention to start a blog and bog you readers down with my cynical remarks. There’s no point crying over spilt milk and wish you got a second chance to start all over again. I believe that I have done my best in everything I was assigned to and I have no regrets for the consequences I have to face. Sometimes, I just wished life was as sweet as strawberries…

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December 9

I have a ton of new posts to share but before I start publishing them, I think it’s only right to share a very special person in my life to all of you first. Her name is ZX and she’s my girlfriend. She’s the third batch of social work students so I think you can say the two of us had a senior-junior love relationship but I think it’s fine if we can manage it. Right mum?

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November 22

That sums up my final months as a student of the social work course. We all came with a different cause. I have some of my classmates enrolling into the course with noble intentions and a few others that were inspired by professionals currently or had left the field. Then you have people like me who joined the class for the wrong reason. A careless mistake if I had double if not triple checked my preferences on the enrollment form back then…

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