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May 30

Much like the next door enclave of Duxton Hill, Ann Siang Hill is another popular hangout place with terrific tapas bar and vintage cafes. They are all hidden amidst the bright shophouses so take a walk and discover the vibes within Ann Siang Hill.

I could see myself having a simpleton lunch or a hearty dinner at Maxwell Hawker and walk up the hill just to grab something for tea or after-dinner meals.

So here’s my guide to all the shophouses found on Ann Siang Hill…

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May 25

Duxton Hill has always been my favourite place to dine and chill. The enclave is literally teeming with cafes, bars and a whole lot of Korea BBQ restaurants! I’m no fan of Korea food but I wouldn’t mind giving it a try considering that it’s the hype amongst everyone.

I love the location of the hilly outpost being along the crossroads of Chinatown and Maxwell Hawker Center. Even though it’s situated in the central, the place is still relatively quiet in the late afternoons. A good news especially when you need somewhere away from the hustle and bustle of urban life. The enclave is pretty much accessible via train alighting at Tanjong Pagar MRT station and then taking the shortcut via Gopeng Street and crossing opposite of the main road of Tanjong Pagar before reaching the rows of shophouses.

So here’s my guide to the sights and tastes of Duxton Hill…

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May 16

Ask any local foodie about the next best place to throw a eat-out session and they might just possibly tell you to make your way down to the old estates of Tiong Bahru. It’s such a vibrant place with old school coffee shops and trendy cafes all in one small community. It’s how I like to say where the hip and trendy meets the nostalgia. Every now and then I will drop by the place just to see what’s nice to try. So here’s my guide to must-try and must visit places in Tiong Bahru just for you to plan and organise…

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