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August 12

I don’t always bake.

Not because I’m lazy or my mum’s restriction of me using the kitchen. Rather, I have very high expectations of what I make and unless I have the best ingredients in my arsenal, then I rather not bake. But when my friends say we should go somewhere nice for a picnic, I thought why not bake something simple like a scented pound cake?

If there’s extra butter, flour and what else nice, how about a few batches of cookies too?

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July 30

Despite popular beliefs that I’m a lazy bum who will start complaining after walking more than 5 minutes under the hot equator Sun, I’m a quite lover for leisure walk. Especially nature walk where I get to see a little more tall trees instead of the usual high rise buildings.

Singapore is no doubt small compared to many great nations of the world. To travel from one end to the other side of the island might just take you little more than an hour by train. But this red dot has loads of nice places of attractions worth a few visits that is provided you put your determination to say let’s go!

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April 14

Being an avid photographer means you have a backlog of fond memories all captured in nice and beautiful still photos. And every once in a while, I would take them out and relieve these moments.

It’s funny how these little images do to the human mind. A quick glance is all it takes and the still picture seem to pop out right before your eyes. It’s just plain fun recalling all these happy moments especially when life isn’t always easy and trust me, I know how unforgiving life can be sometimes and I just wish my life could be more simple…

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March 26

My little red dot on the mini globe is literally a small place and it gets even smaller when you’re a local residing on the island for close to a quarter of your life. I might be young but I have traveled much of the tiny enclaves that Singapore has to provide.

So when my favourite aunt told me she had a couple of free tickets to S.E.A Aquarium, you can just imagine how excited I am! A new place to explore or I should say a potential venue for long queues…

With a reputation as the world’s largest aquarium, 10 different habitat zones housed within the compound and an enriching museum about maritime trade. But what is to me the most important point to boost about was the Manta rays and sharks swimming in one of the huge glass tank…

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