Changi Village Hawker Centre: Revamped and reshuffled

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Back in my childhood days, hawker centres like the one at Changi Village are run down and dirty. Unlike now, where our heartland food eden are refurbish and splash with a whole new look. So when I heard news about the newly revamped Changi Village Hawker Centre, I knew I just have come down myself for a feast!

Located in the far east of Singapore, Changi Village is one of my favourite places for hawker food. If you’re always on a lookout for good old Singaporean classics, look no further because chances are you might just easily stumble a few stalls that sells the same dishes.

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You might think there’s gonna be a competition among the stalls. But I’m telling you each of them have their own unique recipe, cooking style and possibly their own regulars! Besides, there’s just too many people queuing at various stalls.

So if you can’t afford to wait, maybe you got to find another hawker to get your food cravings satisfied.

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But if there’s anything I hate about the newly furbish hawker centre is the reshuffling of the stalls. The stalls are no longer at the same exact place as I remembered. The worst part was I didn’t remember the stall names of my favourite ikan penyet and chicken wings. Took me a few rounds of walking before I finally recognized the owners.

Given how fresh my fried pomfret was and how succulent my wings were , it was worth all the walking and queuing. But still, I didn’t get to remember the stall names. But hey! if you ask me which stall is the best, I could easily tell you the new stall location and the signboard colour! But I just can’t say out the name…

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Is there anything you die-die must try? I leave it to you to explore and decide!

If there anything left to be said if you’re at Changi Village?

Well, just head down to the hawker centre and prepare a feast like I always have…

Changi Village Hawker Centre
2 Changi Village Road, Singapore 500002

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  1. Kim

    Hi is the carrot cake stall still there? I got friend from overseas visiting who liked that stall, want to bring her there …

    • thedessertprince

      Carrot cake? I can’t say for sure since the last time I went, the stalls are all re-shuffled. Maybe walk around and see if you find that familiar stall?

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