Chocolate Brownies

They say the simple stuffs in life are often the most difficult to understand. Humans just love to complicate things, make a mess before giving up. It’s the same for desserts. I find many places adding unnecessary and often expensive & exquisite ingredients into a cake recipe. And they market off their unique selling point be it Valrhona chocolates or some unheard butter brand hailing from France. In the end, it was not well-received and the leftovers were thrown away.

What a waste I say.

I seriously love the simple things in life. I don’t need fancy desserts all the time contrary to popular belief seen on my Instagram. Brownies, I think they are simple enough. Just flour, butter, eggs, sugar and chocolate. Mix them up, pour in a tray and into the oven they bake. Simple enough eh? IMG_4563 (FILEminimizer)I think about it, if it’s simple to make then why the 101 different recipes for just one chocolate cake? Whatever man because I think my baker friend who bakes macarons and rainbow cheesecakes make equally good chocolate brownies. He said it’s overcooked but I beg to differ. I love the crust formed on top. I suppose all it needed was just more chocolate and you can’t go wrong with that:


The sort of chocolate treats that no one can resist. For me? I just hope he experiments more and more so I can eat more of it while playing my ROME II.

PS: I changed blogskin in an attempt to simplify my blogstyle. I hope you like it and look forward to my blog logo too.

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