Ciel Patisserie Hougang Singapore II: Why I love revisiting cafes

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Every now and then I like to revisit some of my favourite cafes. I like to see if there’s something new on the menu or if my comfort food still remain exactly the same as before. There might be a ton of other new cafes popping out everywhere but given a chance, I would prefer the usual fews that have been tested over time. I don’t think I need to reintroduce you the heartlander cafe again. I love the location of this French cafe. It’s like in the middle of nowhere but still easily accessible by transport.

They have been gaining popularity ever since their inception and I heard that they draw a crowd during the weekends too. So if you want to take your time and enjoy your cakes and tea, try to visit during the weekday afternoon instead as I did after my lunch. I didn’t see any new creations on display but I sure remembered my pleasant experience with their cakes and tarts. I knew what I was gonna to have but I felt it would be rude if I don’t seek my two friends’ opinions.

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It took them quite awhile to decide and we end up with my all-time favourite Sel ($4.80) which didn’t taste quite the same prior to my last visit because just into our first bite, almost immediately we were overwhelmed by sheer saltiness. I thought it might be due to length of time between my first visit to the current one and that’s why it took me quite a while to get accustomed to the salty chocolate sponge cake. But in any case, I felt that my particular slice was made imbalanced with one end tasting alright while the other end a little too much salt.

While I have no complains about their Rose & Salted Caramel Macarons (3 for $.5.00), I would prefer my macarons a little bigger in size instead.┬áTheir tarts could be another alternative if fancy cakes aren’t to your liking. Consider their Peach Tart ($4.60) or their Lemon Meringue Tart ($4.20) and I can assure you they are well-worth every cent.

It didn’t cost me a lot to order one cake, two tarts and 3 macarons along to go along with our tea. If you ask me, I say their desserts could rival other popular desserts cafes in town and I don’t need to pay the higher end price tags too. I think that’s the thing I love about heartlander cafes like Ciel Patisserie. If I have another free weekday, I wouldn’t mind travelling down just to enjoy some quiet time with their desserts.

Ciel Patisserie
Blk 124 Hougang #01-1444
Avenue 1, Singapore 530124
Tel: +65 6383 0803

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