#CookForFamily: Love from my aunt

CookForFamily started off with the famed food blogger, Daniel Ang who wants to spread the message to busy people like you and me not to neglect your family. From a simple initiative with a hundred plus bloggers participating to now a facebook page being created. Cook a meal, simple or extravagant and anyway you want. What matters most is everyone enjoys the meal and had a whole lot fun in the process.

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The weather was chilly with heavy rain and howling winds so the time couldn’t come better for a steamboat session! I have to be honest with you that everything and anything was prepared by my aunt. The only thing I did was to wolf everything down and be the last man standing like I always do in most of my meals.

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Every thing on the table were leftovers from our previous meals. Still fresh still edible so better not leave it to waste right? The best part of the dinner has got to be dipping strips of pork into the pot. Just a few minutes and viola! It’s ready to eat! The hardest part was probably making the soup base. But well, if you know how to cook then it shouldn’t pose much of a problem. Just get a packet of those Chinese herbs like wolfberries and whatever else you find in a pack and add a few corns and carrots to sweeten the base.

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Just when the feast stops there, the following day ended with curry chicken also done by my aunt. I didn’t take notice of her cooking. All I know was that she diced a couple of garlic, add a packet of those instant curry paste, chopped up a few New Zealand potatoes and chicken meat and finish off with 2 cups of water and 1 cup of milk. It was great if not simple dish though I still prefer coconut milk to plain old milk but I can do with occasional healthy eating.

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I was told not to upload any unglam photos of my aunt so I shall end off with Huge slabs of French loaves. I mean what’s curry chicken without some French loaves to dip with? Once again, a huge thanks to my aunt for two days worth of cooking!

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