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Drinking coffee is like appreciating a piece of art. It’s a way of life; something nice to admire but even nicer to take a deep whiff just before finishing a cup in a few gulps. A gourmet drink which we keep sipping yet adding those little perks to our almost unassuming lives.

Life can be really hectic as a Singaporean boy. Especially if you have to juggle work and fun with just a pair of hand.  So when I could squeeze out a little free time out of my busy schedule, I will just sneak out either alone or with friends just to find a place to chill and relax over coffee and tea.

Needless to say, desserts are always never far from my table…

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It never fails to excite me to know that my coffee drinks are beautifully crafted by a barista. Latte Art is what we like to call when we see cute and fancy designs make of steam foamy milk. With a nice white leaf resting in the middle of my Cappuccino ($5.50) and then dusted with cocoa powder when my lips will surely touch the drink, I just gulped everything down in a few mouthfuls.

A few stirs here and a few more cups there and the conversation just keeps going on and on…

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Just when you are thinking where can you find such a place with a barista that does Latte Art?

I have the perfect place! Consider making down your way to d’Good Cafe. Nestled along the stretch of shophouses along  Holland Village, the cafe is quite hidden from view being located of the second and third floors. You might easily miss the stairs to the cafe so keep a lookout for Foster Cafe which is just beside the stairway.

The aroma of caffeine will lead you up with every steps you take. It’s almost like a natural instinct. Like bees attracted to bright colourful flowers, it felt like heaven with those spotlights and that distinct coffee scent…

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Coffee goes well with almost everything and at d’Good Cafe, they serve breakfast dishes all day long. If given a choice, I will always opt for Eggs Benedict. Petite and simple looking with English muffin, bacon and poached eggs. But the main highlight of this breakfast dish is surely the hollandaise sauce with a citrusy touch drizzled on each piece.

It was very appetizing and I enjoy the dish.

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d’Good Cafe’s rendition of the English Breakfast is what I like to define as hearty and gratifying. The portion is definitely more than enough for two to share but otherwise, nothing extraordinary. If you ask me, I still prefer my poached eggs and their unique hollandaise sauce.

There are pastas and pizzas or even Japanese curry to have. So to summarize their mains, there’s a variety to select upon and generous in portion to share.

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Ending our meal were their cakes for desserts. I really like their signature d’Good Triplet Cheesecake ($8.50) which compose of a cheesecake covered sandwiched by chocolate mousse and oreo biscuit base. The chocolate macaron sitting above was also worth mentioning with that perfect “feet” and rich chocolatey taste.

I was also served another of their specialty also known as d’Good Maple Sea Salt Cheesecake ($8.50) which blew me off my feet. It’s one of those few dishes I had which are beyond my bank of vocabulary. They were so popular that we couldn’t’ have another slice since all were sold out!

I think it was superb ingenuity to create something that nobody has done. I’ve heard of salted caramel desserts but rarely do I heard of  maple sea salt ones. if I see a rising trend in maple sea salt desserts, then you can bet that d’Good Cafe was the one started the craze!

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Just when I thought the tasting invite would come to an end, Another blogger and I had the privilege to sit by the coffee bar and have our own coffee blend brewed…

The whole procedure commences by filling up a detailed form which indicates your preference of the customised cuppa. Everything else was secondary and you wait patiently watching your barista does the hard work deciding and mixing all the concoctions.

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The entire process also known as coffee cupping cost $12 each session and subsequently $5.50 each time you order you personalised blend. Personally, I felt that it was worth the experience especially if you’re trying it for the first time. I sure had fun sitting along the bar taking whiffs and commenting my three very different tasting brews.

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So after a few sips and a few more comments, I had my own personal blend which I just couldn’t resist giving the customised drink a pompous name! The Prince’s Blend, being spicy with a slight nutty touch to the drink. I kinda enjoy every sip of it and I think it will go well with that sweetish-salty maple sea salt cheesecake.

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You will find terms like winery, smokey, fruity and even herbal to describe each blend. But that is by no means those ingredients are added into the coffee blends. It’s more like describing the mouthfeel and texture of the cuppa.

What about the difference between French Press and Cold Press and the coffee instruments to brew the drinks with? I’m no profession brewer but more like an amateur seeking the nice cuppa to my days.

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d’Good Cafe is that nice place to seek a nice cuppa regardless day or night. It has a nice homely feel with various rooms themes within the two floors which is make even comfortable with the approachable staffs. Although I stay in the east and coming all the way down to Holland Village might seem tedious, I could see myself coming back every once in a while just to keep in touch with my friends and inner-self with my own personal blend.

d’Good Cafe
273 Holland Avenue #02-02/03 Singapore 278992
Tel: 6219 9807
Sun to Thur: 10am to 10pm
Fri & Sat: 10am to 11pm
Note: This is an invited media tasting

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