Dough & Grains Tiong Bahru Singapore: The more affordable place for tarts in Tiong Bahru

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I’ll go straight to the point.

If you are looking for the most affordable tarts in the foodie enclave then look no more and head down to Dough & Grains just along Seng Poh Road, directly opposite the hawker center. Tiong Bahru has no shortage of cafes that sells these fruity delights but I find most of them too expensive to indulge even on a once-in-a-while basis. Over at this bakery where one could find bread with woflberries toppings or chrysanthemum fillings, you’ll be surprised to find their tarts good enough to rival many other cafes or bakeries too.

So whenever I’m in the vicinity for breakfast lunch or even dinner at the hawker center, I would try my luck and see if I could grab a table just to have their their Macadamia Nut Tart. It’s something that I don’t see available in most if not all local cafes. Although I always complain that their tart base could be a little softer so the crusty goodies wouldn’t end up all over the table while cutting into it, I don’t really have much to rant about given the size and price of it. In fact, most of their tarts don’t go any more than $6.00. So what else could I complain?

Really nothing much lah!

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Maybe there’s one I just need to bring up about them and that is their limited tables for people who prefer eating in to takeaway. I do wish there could be more space for people like me who loves spending a few hours at a cafe just relaxing. There were so many ocassions that I came but got disappointed when I can’t get a table and ending up at another cafe in the same area. I just don’t like to wait but then again, much of their space has been devoted to showcasing their unique breads.

On a side note, if you want to go for their Fruit Tart, consider the bigger ones instead. Both my friend of I felt that the smaller ones were more custard cream to tart. If not opt for their cream base cakes like tiramisu or what else that fancy you. And before you go, be sure to grab a few of their specially crafted buns for tomorrow’s breakfast. Pardon me for the lack of photos of their bread since they were all gone the moment I reach home. I guess that speaks much about their baked good ehh?

Dough & Grains
71 Seng Poh Road, #01-35
Singapore 160071
Tel: +65 6225 5223
Mondays to Sundays: 7.30am to 9.30pm

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  1. Coreen Wong

    Thank you for supporting us, we would love to place more seats but now we are facing a problem where NEA gave us the snack bar license (to have seats in ) but now they are taking away from us.
    Reason being: Typo error and customers complain that this area too much of the cafés and they can’t give us even to have 3 tables, where others able to place tons of tables to block the walk way. We are running a petition to keep our snack bar licenses . We will bring to MP to show her that ppl love us and not like what they mention. Do pop by and sign for us if not next time you comes the sitting will be gone!!!

    • thedessertprince

      Ohhh my… Running a F & B business in Singapore is tough. There’s just too many regulations and license to take note off. I will definitely drop by the cafe with a bunch of friends to sign the petition just for you guys. Honestly speaking, I think you guys are way better than most of the cafes in Tiong Barhu which are often overpriced and overrated. (Not mentioning any cafes names least in case I offend anyone! hahaha)

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