Drips Bakery Cafe: Made for the tart lovers

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Although I always say I adore desserts of every kind, somehow there will always be some desserts I never seem to put in high regards. I guess it has to do with my personal preference for fluffy cakes and petite macarons. No offense to any tarts lovers out there reading this post but I just don’t see what is the fuss about havingĀ  fruit tarts which some of my tai tai friends craves about.

My last encounter with a fruit tart was impressionable but nothing out of this world. It wasn’t until my visit to Drips Bakery do I realise what’s the craze my friends are always talking about. Take a brisk walk along the enclaves of Tiong Poh Road, Tiong Bahru and you will find the cafe.

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Since it’s just me and ZX, there was no need to order more than two. The tarts were exceptionally good given that it didn’t crumble into messy bits and pieces like most tarts do. I got myself a Cinnamon Egg Tart ($4.80) while the girlfriend got herself a Mixed Fruit Tart ($8.00). Between the two, I preferred ZX’s fruit tart than my own.

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I’m not saying the egg tart was bad since the egg custard had the same consistency of a creme brulee but I just prefer the traditional Chinese egg tarts with the flaky puff pastry. But compared to the fresh and sweet berries, I think the fruit tart would fare better.

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Tarts might be their specialty but for the still hesitant people, alcoholic teacakes and savoury quiches are available but given the pretty tarts being showcased, you tell me! How not to grab one for tea?

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By the way, if you love somewhere which has comfy armchairs and sofas to laze around with your friends and family, Drips might just be one of those place you might want to include in your list!

Drips Bakery Cafe
82 Tiong Poh Road, #01-05
Singapore 160082
Tel: +65 6222 0400

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