Drips Bakery Cafe Tiong Bahru Singapore II: Tarts for tea with the High Tea Partner

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I have a friend whom I always go out for tea with. She calls me best friend forever or BFF in short while I address her as my High Tea Partner. Both of us have nothing in common apart from our funny sense of humor and our adoration for afternoon tea.

But after all those conversations that never seems to end over our tea sessions, I think I can say we know each other like the back of our hands. High Tea Partner always have cravings which I think is perfectly normal for any other girls. Unlike other girls, she has A LOT OF CRAVINGS to satisfy. One moment she could tell me she yearns for steaks and the next minute she will text me to share her desire to have cakes or something sweet.

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Being her BFF and a food blogger, I just can’t resist bringing her all the places to have her list of cravings checked as well as my motivation to share all the nice fancy places on my blog too. So our typical day involves going not one or two but three and four places just to eat and drink!

Being her BFF can sometimes be torturous to my tummy especially when she’s always late for tea. For most of the time, I could only wait patently for her arrival. But every once in a while, I will just order something like a cup of Cappuccino ($4.80) to warm my taste palates and if I’m mean enough, I will just take a delicious snapshot just to “punish” her for arriving late.

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When she does arrive, regardless if the place is running on a full house capacity or too crowded, I will be able to recognise her with ease since she’s easily the best dressed lady with her branded bag in the cafe space. With a simple greeting gesture and we are ready to order! As usual, we will always swear to have everything since it all looked irresistible not to try. That is always not possible since we are just youths with a tight budget.

Even tighter for her since she’s has more expenses to fulfill. So we will settle with what we really feel like having for that day and come down again another time for the other food instead.

Since this isn’t my first time visiting Drips Cafe and I had their tarts the previous visit, I decided to go for the Creme Puff ($4.80) which was a superbly light vanilla cream sandwiched by a huge choux pastry. The Hot Chocolate ($5.00) was my second drink although nothing fantastic, it sure was a hundred times better than Antoinette.

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My partner on the other hand, decided on the Cinnamon Pear Tart ($7.50) which is just one out of many tart creations by the pastry chefs. It might be pricey especially when I know other places in the vicinity where tarts are slightly more affordable but you can’t compare much about the quality and effort spent making these fruit tarts. Of course, our day never just end with a mere simpleton tea session. An hour’s worth of walking around Tiong Bahru, visiting new shops and we are ready of dinner!

As to where it shall be, just stay tune to find out more.

She’s more than just a friend but never nothing short of being my High Tea Partner…

Drips Bakery Cafe
82 Tiong Poh Road, #01-05
Singapore 160082
Tel: +65 6222 0400

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