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To think that I always call Duxton Hill as one of my favourite eat-out place. I can’t believe I actually missed out this cafe right under my nose. Maybe it’s because this cafe by the name of Esette looks unassuming whenever I walk pass the row of shophouse just opposite Berjaya Hotel. With my favourite cousin by my side and eager to try out this place, I guess we can forgo visiting the usual places like here and here and try something new instead.

Stepping into the cafe place, apart the sudden cool breeze of air which I can always appreciate since I always work up a sweat walking around the hill, I kinda love the few sofa seats tucked right at the side but it’s rather furniture sparse with lots of open space. But ambiance isn’t always the most decisive factor for good cafes. If the food is good surely it will be the talk of the town!

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Set apart from the glass panel displaying cakes and whatever else pastries, I was clueless as to what they have to offer. Thankfully we had someone to show us what Esette really have. We were too full for hot soups or gratifying sandwiches and I never take a liking for having salads.

In the end, we settled for two cakes which were smaller than my palm yet priced almost the same as Canele. If I was any unglam, I swear I could finish one cake in one mouthful. But often at times, I realise that size don’t really matter. The Lemon Cake was tangy and superb! Almost like a lemon meringue tart just without the tart but I can’t say the same for the Green Tea Cheesecake though. I felt it was visually boring and taste-wise plain not to mention way too overpriced to have for tea.

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Details, details, details…

It’s all about the details. Like wine paring,  coffee pairing is a profound art. Pair the wrong drink with that undesirable food and you might risk being mock by other food connoisseur or worst; end off the day with a terrible stomachache.

When I ordered my Hazelnut Latte to go with my petite cakes, I was told that my cup of coffee don’t go well with the green tea cake we ordered. I was definitely impressed by the staff’s knowledge about food but I still go ahead with the order since my choice was the lemon cake to begin with. For a moment, I thought I was gonna expect a latte art like all the other coffee house I’ve been to but instead a rather tall mug of drink was placed on my table. Sort like something you brew in the morning before you go to work ya? But it was a good drink that I assure you.

By the way, if you do want to pair coffee and desserts, opt for those fruity tarts or dark rich chocolate cakes. For green tea desserts? Stricly only azuki beans and don’t think about the rest.

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Overall, I would find Esette a nice getaway from the heat and relax till it’s time to head home for dinner. There’s nice gift to consider but the cousin and I sat for almost an hour and there wasn’t another soul visiting this cafe but just us two. I thought they were new but to my surprise, I was told they have been opened for quite some time or 6 months as I was told.

Maybe it’s a late Friday afternoon when we dropped by the place. Perhaps the weekend crowd might be better? In any case, I might just visit this cafe for lunch that is if I have free time…

Esette Gourmets & Gifts
47 Duxton Road, Singapore 089511
Tel: +65 6221 5775
Mon to Fri: 10:00 am – 9:00 pm
Sat: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Closed on Sun

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  1. Melissa

    Thank you for blogging about this place!

    It was really difficult to find reviews of this lovely place, thank you for the recommendation. ^^

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