Everyday could be our last

I really hate biding farewell to you. I know I can’t always take up all your attention but I just hate saying goodbye after having such a wonderful time. On certain days, I could spend the whole day with you and on other days, it might just be a short meetup just to know what’s going on in your life. We could be talking something serious and end up poking fun at each other. I could be just sipping coffee while you finish the cake that we just ordered in one or two mouthful to my surprise. And my point is I love spending every minute with you. Truly I do even if I don’t tell you.

Yet, everything seem so uncertain. I’m just afraid one day we stop meeting and we stop talking. I don’t know to do if that ever happens and I pray hard that what I just happily typed away won’t end so soon. I won’t know how to react and I probably need a very long time to adjust life without you.

Everyday could be our last and I wonder when can I see you again…

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