Finest moments in life: 2012

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The year is coming to an end and like many others celebrating Christmas with one another, it’s also a time to look back and ponder about the deeper things in life.

2012 was a year like no other. A year full of challenges. A twelve months period never fall short of setbacks and disappointments. I think it’s not my intention to start a blog and bog you readers down with my cynical remarks. There’s no point crying over spilt milk and wish you got a second chance to start all over again. I believe that I have done my best in everything I was assigned to and I have no regrets for the consequences I have to face. Sometimes, I just wished life was as sweet as strawberries. (Yeah, I love anything with strawberries. Especially Koreans ones :) )

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Set aside the bad things in life, 2012 was also a year for new happenings, fruitful experiences and wonderful beginnings. For instant, how I met ZX and by a twist of good faith, we became a couple just like any lovey dovey pair would. Sometimes she just frustrates me with her egotistic love expression but who isn’t right? I have to admit that sometimes I too pissed her off with my silly if not ridiculous comments. But what is love without a little spice? Though I still prefer love sweet and diabetic…

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2012 was also marked my final year as a student of the social work class. Within a year, I managed to serve two placements. My first was at Nexus Family Resource Center over at Changi Prison and in my current placement, in a special needs setting, Special Needs Trust Company (SNTC). As the name suggest, my agency is a trust company that was set up to provide trust services for parents and caregivers who wants their special needs child to be financially taken care off after their demise. I believe every family has their own set of issues and it never fails to amaze me about the things parents would do for their children.

On both occasions, I was very blessed to have two wonderful supervisors and all the fun staffs to guide me. Especially with my current placement with SNTC. It’s a wonderful working environment with an interesting team of staffs to work with and above all, a rewarding working experience. Never for once, did I felt excluded from them despite sitting in a separate room due to the lack of space. From our daily lunch gatherings at different places to buying some of the best kuehs in town to share which I will blog about it at a later date.

Did I forget to mention my placement is located at the heart of Tiong Bahru? I’m gonna write a guide to the must eats in Tiong Bahru so watch this space!

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And about my blog. I’m sure you guys out there knew what happen. I have to confess that it was quite a crisis for me but I guess my passion to blog gets the better of me and after countless sleepless nights, I launched my own domain using wordpress instead of blogger. It was quite a feat for me to edit htmls considering that I have not meddle with them for a few years. I am very happy about the layout and I hope that you will enjoy my writings too!

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All in all, 2012 is definitely a year to remember. It might not be as good as I envisioned it to be but I couldn’t ask anything less out of it. I believe everything is within God’s control and I hope 2013 would be even better for me!

PS: I think if I don’t make it as a social worker, maybe I can consider working as a butcher!

Merry X’mas everyone!

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