Finest moments in life: Celebrating a boy’s 20th birthday in 30 days

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I like to think that I’m a happy person.

I like to live everyday as though there’s something worth laughing or celebrating for. So there’s no need to say how I like my birthdays to be celebrated over the entire month of April. I know it’s a bit too much for the average guy to comprehend. I mean come on, apart from me, who else would celebrate birthdays for 30 days?

But I have simply too many friends and housing all of them in a chalet isn’t my ideal kind of fun. Besides, meeting different friends almost every other day just gives me an excuse to visit more cafes and restaurants!

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Photo taken as of 2012 at Chiso Zanai, my 19th birthday.

I’m always surrounded by friends and families during this period of the month. I am hardly alone since I am busy planning and meeting everyone. You might wonder what’s the big deal? Especially to my friends who don’t enjoy celebrating their BIG day. They will always ask me: Isn’t it just another day? 

Like I said earlier, birthdays are  just a perfect excuse to catch up with old friends over something grand or simple. You might not believe but most of my “birthday gatherings” were spent at the local hawker centres or coffeeshops with my friends over simpleton comfort food. By the way, I come to realise that I’m always having Japanese Buffet with this group of friends almost every year. I guess we all have a personal soft spot for all things raw.

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Food like your bak chor mee (minced pork noodles) or Hainanese chicken rice and what else good! Just because I’m a food blogger with my trusty camera beside means I have to instagram/upload them. Sometimes, I like to have my meals in private too.

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I’m not much of a gift person so I don’t always expect my gifts from my loved ones. But I could just do fine accepting a box of Canele’s macarons. Honestly speaking, I WILL NEVER buy Laudree macarons in Singapore. It’s just too expensive and overpriced. If I ever want them, I would rather fly to Paris myself and enjoy these little sugar puffs at their flagship store.

But for now… I would consider Canele’s macarons as the best in Singapore.

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As much as I enjoy cooking and baking and wished that I could do something nice on my big day, I always find myself lacking of a proper kitchen to materialise my dreams. Especially when my mum bans me from touching anything in HER kitchen. But one day, just one day, I will have MY own kitchen and churn little sweeties from MY oven!

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If the average lifespan of a Singaporean guy is 80 and I am 20 this year, that’s already 1/4 of my life gone. Time that cannot be recovered. Moments that I could only wish never have ended. I have many regrets in life and there’s nothing I could do to undo them. I just have to believe that life will get better and hope for the best in life. Then again, I couldn’t ask my life to be any other way… I still have a long way to go and we just have to see how the story of my life unfolds…


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