Finest moments in life: Four months with you…

I have a ton of new posts to share but before I start publishing them, I think it’s only right to share a very special person in my life to all of you first. Her name is ZX and she’s my girlfriend. She’s the third batch of social work students so I think you can say the two of us had a senior-junior love relationship but I think it’s fine if we can manage it. Right mum?

I won’t share how it all began because it involved a few evil people in our lives and I think it’s unethical to speak ill of people but between me and her, it feels like we had been together for a long time even though it’s just four months since everything started.  Maybe it’s because we spend most of our days with one another. From revising our work in school to weekends cafe hopping. Maybe because we are still in the “honeymoon” stage of our relationship like many more “experienced” people would say.

I am not really bothered by what others might think of us. Sometimes, life is about believing in what you want choose to believe and not so much about minding what others will say. If not we wouldn’t need to have someone making the story behind all of us.

It’s been four months since we got together and everyday with her just gets better and better.  We had fun together. We sing, we dance (In private of course!) and the best of all… She likes cafe hopping and I love my afternoon tea which means high tea all day long! Not surprisingly, I remembered all the places we went. I guess memories forged are never lost in time but just in case I do, I have this blog to remind me about and that is what this blog is about. To share the finer/sweeter thing in life.

Of course not everyday are spent laughing. Couples also have their bad moments in life. We may fight and we might quarrel but we never let these negative thoughts affect us. But despite all these bad feelings, if you have to ask why I love her so much, I would just say she’s someone who makes me feel comfortable. I don’t have to pretend to be someone that I don’t have to be. I can sing and dance and talk crap with her and she’s not going to judge about it.

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I don’t really know what’s in for us in the future but…

To spend everyday with you. In bliss or in woe, I hope we will always have one another to rely on. Afterall, we are thunder buddies and that’s why I never regret loving you. I think there’s still a long way to go but I believe we’ll be there one day. As to where are we heading, it’s a secret for between you and me.

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That’s the sweetness of life and that’s our little story between you who is reading and me who is always writing. From time to time, If you see her name pops out in any of the post, be sure to know that she’s my trusty partner that never fails to bring a smile onto my face.

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