Finest moments in life: My two cents worth of thoughts for 2013

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They’re red and they’re sweet. Never far from my life and never fail to brighten my days. Surely strawberries has got to be the sweetest things in life or at least, my life. Is there something sweeter than the red berries? Maybe there is or maybe there isn’t…

Two months into 2013 mainly January and February and I could tell you I had my fair share of joy as well as my fair grim of despair in such a short time. Ups and downs, isn’t that a routine of life? For all I know, I am tired and exhausted of all the hustle and bustle in life. I have that temptation to disclose and rant out everything here but I recon that some things are best to keep it to myself. After all, one should never wash their dirty laundry in public.

I like to focus on the happier things in life and that’s me to begin with. I just don’t believe in sitting at one corner being “emo” and expecting people to sympathise my predicament.


Looking back at the entire year of 2012, although there were specks of nasty events that brought me much frustrations and almost brought me to the brink of despair but I’m also reminded about the happier things that happen amidst the bad. I would have forgotten these fine moments if I didn’t blog about them. Thank god and the person for inventing virtual journals!

Come to think of it, 2013 isn’t such a bad year afterall. For instant, if my blog didn’t crash, I wouldn’t be motivated to switch to wordpress and a web hosting company to safeguard all my pictures and posts. Which subsequently spurs me to read up on the pesky and almost seamlessly unreadable HTML language.

In the end, I wouldn’t have a chance to be involved in a web design project at my placement agency and be hired as a part-time staff after my placement ends. Isn’t that amazing? I think it truly is!


If there’s a word my close ones would use to describe me, it’ll be the word gluttonous. By nature, I’m an excessive guy and I love to do things more than what is expected of me. Likewise, I love to eat more than what I need. I think it’s a family upbringing thing since my family loves ordering a table full of dishes whenever we eat out.

I don’t exactly binge but I love to order a whole lot of dishes and share everything with whoever I’m eating with. Sharing is such a blissful act and there were occasions where I even shared my food with someone who is a complete stranger. I have no qualms and I think my ideal Singapore is one whereby everyone feel at ease with everyone and being thoughtful to everyone. Maybe you’re calling me crazy but isn’t everyone talking about the good old kampong days?

Just because most of us are boxed up in shoe boxes (HDB flats) and busy with our balanced family and working lives means we could be cold and apathetic to other people. I think it’s the attitude and perceptions about life that should be changed. I believe my society would be a better place if everyone tries to be considerate with one another.

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People always ask me why I love afternoon tea. It’s like a waste of money isn’t it? But who is to say spending hundreds on games and thousands on bags aren’t a waste of money as well?

Afternoon tea is just a pretext for me to meet new friends and catch up with old peers. I like a moment of peace to catch up for old time sake. A quiet and hidden-from-view cafe with nice cakes and pretty scones on vintage shelves just waiting to be pair with tea. To me, if it’s worth eating and worth sipping, then it’s money well-spent.

There’s still so much to do and so much to explore. Career path. Relationships and of course, my passion and high hopes for this blog. But well, let’s not rush through anything and mess up everything. Let me sit down for a cup of tea and plan what’s next.


By the way, I will be using instagram much more often to keep everyone updated of my wanderlust pursue of all things sweet. So do follow me alright?

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I have been frequenting the place of Tiong Barhu, specifically the area of Tiong Poh and Eng Hoon road. The small enclave is teeming with cafes and street food. So keep a look out for this space will ya?

So what is in for me for 2013? I can’t say for sure if you really have to ask. Maybe more places to explore, more time for tea and a whole lot more reviews to compile? Let’s just wait and see what life has to unfold before you and me…

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