Finest moments in life: Saying thanks to my friends


┬áThree years in my field of study and I’ve met many people from my course.

Some are quite like me while some arrived with a different lifestyle quite unlike what I often see. By the work of fate, somehow we befriended each another.

Some are my confidants where secrets are kept and entrusted upon them. Then there are those whom I could always enjoy a great meal together as a huge group, just a few of us or even just you and me.

But there will always be a bunch and a group of them that will walk away from your life. It can be sad and depressing but there’s nothing I could do to stop them from leaving. I could only comfort myself that they are just passing through my life and focus on the better things in life…


Life can be bitter or life can be sweeter. It all depends how you view life.

Three years in my course of study and I met three wonderful people. Three people that I believe seen the best and worst of me and I think they’re a blessing to my life although I must say I always find myself nagging at them over something silly…

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One’s my sister-in-Christ to whom I am forever grateful for introducing God into my somewhat boring life. The other being my high tea partner which we never seem to run out of common topics even when our cups run out of tea.

Lastly is a younger sister whom we have no blood ties to our different first names. We hardly chat and we almost never meet for breakfast, lunch or even dinners. But when we do talk, it’s as though we have talked everyday and we know quite a lot about each other even when it’s not the case. It’s hard to explain but I’m sure everyone has a friend whom you might feel you know them for life even when it’s just not too long you know them right?

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Surely I think they are the finer things in life or at least my life.

I can’t say for sure our friendships will last a lifetime and honestly I can’t be bothered to think that far ahead. We live in the present and I believe we all should make every second of this moment count.

All I want is to share a part of my blessings to every single one that regard me as a true friend and sharing what I have be it on the tables we eat or this blog you read is how I always say thanks to all my friends.

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Life couldn’t be any better without these three friends. One day, when I revisit this post, I shall see where life has brought the four of us to be. Will we still be talking or already left. It’s hard to foresee so for now I will just be content with the many happy memories we forge as friends.

Nothing is certain in life. But if there’s anything certain about my life, it will always be having sweet desserts to share with my friends…

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