Flock Cafe Tiong Bahru Singapore

IMG_3928 (FILEminimizer)Feeling somewhat unsatisfied with our previous tea session and still rather early to end off precious Sunday, my friend and I decided to take our chances and find another cafe. Personally, I have tried almost all of them at least once so it was nothing really new.

My friend on the other hand, only know so few. I brought him once to the famous bakery and since then, he never stops blabbering about their buttery crispy croissants. His favourite cupcake shop was lacking in space (as expected on weekends). I cannot afford to keep spending eight nice bucks on cakes and tarts constantly so Drips and other more upmarket cafe brands were opted out.IMG_3923 (FILEminimizer)I suddenly recalled Flock at Moh Guan Terrace. It was not my favourite cafe citing past brunch experiences here but I reckon I should not jump straight into conclusions. Perhaps my tea time partner might enjoy his first visit?

He’s quite a boring person, always ordering Ice Lemon Tea ($6.50). Some places do it sweeter while others like Flock does it quite literally; ice, sliced lemons and bland watery tea.  I on the other hand, have tried their hot beverages before and I must say apart from using good coffee beans, they too have pretty good barista(s) working for them. The Ice Flat White ($6.50) sure hits the spot especially after walking half the neighbourhood.IMG_3920 (FILEminimizer)Food ranges from all-day breakfast like Big Breakfast ($21.00) and Egg Sally aka Egg Benedict ($15.90) to pasta dishes with assorted toppings and sauce. Standard cafe menu that you can find elsewhere. Their sandwiches with various interesting fillings though, might be worth a return trip. I heard quite a bit from another friend about their pork cheek & gruyère variation. Perhaps, on another visit.

This time, we had Smoked Chicken Rendang ($13.90), which was pretty unusual especially with the chucks of avocados within. We both felt the thin toasted ciabatta was a too tough. It might have been a little better if a softer bread was used. That way, it could soak up the juicy sauce of the fillings too. DSC_0585.NEF (FILEminimizer)I cannot say for other food bloggers but sometimes I feel writing a review is like a teacher trying hard to pass a failing student. I like their open kitchen where I could sit beside and watch pretty girls glaze cakes after cakes. But surely, I felt their sponge cakes weren’t really my money. I could probably bake them myself instead of coming out for tea.

I have mixed feelings about Flock. I daresay they are one of the nicer place for brunch around here but their desserts could do a little more creativity. Service was friendly and approachable but that only applies when it’s off peak brunch hours. If you hadn’t know, I have walked out twice on this place because I was ignored.

Set personal grudges aside, I will still come back from time to time. IMG_3930 (FILEminimizer)Flock Cafe
78 Moh Guan Terrace #01-25
Singapore 162078
Tel: +65 6536 3938
8.00am to 6.00pm daily

PS: I saw on their Facebook page that they have recently open a second outlet at Ghim Moh Road as of 3rd Nov 14.

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