Flor Patisserie Siglap Drive Singapore II: Grand Opening at Siglap

1185961_10201246027827008_329090271_n (FILEminimizer) Photos by Lesttate Liew. Words by thedessertprince. 

For endless days and countless nights I’ve been thinking about one thing. When will all my favourite cafes be set up in the east?  I can’t always be travelling all the way to Duxton Hill or Tiong Barhu just to chill and relax. I simply don’t have that much free time to spare. So when I received an invitation from Flor Patisserie to attend their grand opening of their latest outlet at Siglap, I thought this was a wish come through!

Surely I must be dreaming or this was some sort of prank and I still didn’t believe until the actual day when I saw the shop itself. Situated at the now-defunt De La Creme, this cafe is by no means an easy find but still relatively nearer than their flagship outlet if you stay somewhere in the east. You either drive in and park along the stretch of landed properties or take a bus from Bedok interchange and walk in. Walking under the hot Singapore Sun is just not an option for me  so I suggest you to cab from Bedok or Kembangan MRT stations instead.

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As with all invited events, I like to arrive timely or even early. Not because I’m kiasu that all the food will be gone but rather I like to capture food before anyone can meddle with it. Everything deserves extra shots especially when you’re talking about handcrafted desserts from my favourite pastisserie! I knew I could expect cakes or maybe something new but I was so not mentally prepared when I saw a table filled with desserts of every sort!

It’s almost like a fancy tea reception like the ones I wish I could have in my annual birthday parties. Everything was petite but intricately made. Most of their bestseller cakes were on display along with their popular bite size treats. Just envisioning the array of desserts as I write this post is more than enough to get me all excited and perky already!

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Helming the Siglap outlet is Heidi Tan, the operations manager here. I’m not gonna introduce her on this post but if you’re keen to find out who she really is, then read her interview here. And if you ask of my opinion then I shall I say could envision her as the next Janice Wong of 2am dessertbar or someone really renown for her dedication to the dessert craft in the near future. Anyway let’s not digress more about background stories and let me share with you more about their pastries!

Every time someone ask me where is a nice place to have desserts and I will almost always say head down to Flor and try their Napoleon instead. It’s my personal recommendation should you decide to visit them. I’ve no clue why a cake with cream, strawberry and puff pastry could be my all-time favourite and I guess Flor might just be the only place I will ever have such a good mile feuille cake. If you do find another place then please share with me but I reckon it won’t be near perfect if I were to compare.

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To be honest, every time I get the chance to visit them, I must grab my favourite cake. I hardly give a second look at their other creations unless I have a few other tea partners to order extras to share. Cacao Royal was a chocolate lover dream come true since it’s a dark chocolate sponge cake with alternating chocolate ganache then finished off with a chocolate cover glaze.

Then you have Strawberry Shortcake and Mont Blanc which are French classics made even better under Flor’s personal recipes.

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Mango Rare Cheese is actually just an unbaked mango cheesecake but I love the rich and melt-in-your-mouth dessert. While Avocado Mousse with Lemon Jelly is actually something new from Chef Yamashita recipe book. I thought it was a little bland but then again the Chief Patissier told me that this was just the petit version. The original rendition might be richer and better. Would it be a cake or a tart, I don’t really know how it will look so I just have to wait till it’s on their official menu.

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The rest of their petite treats were equally good but I think their Meringue Cookies fare the best. It was sweet but definitely not excessively laden in sugar. I could nip a few more cookies if they didn’t have so much to eat.

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If you’re an avid croissant fan then you will love their handmade ones. Flaky yet not superbly buttery. I find Flor’s rendition really irresistible. I lost count the number of bread pastry I had on that day but in any case, I’m just glad Ham & Cheese Croissant will be included in the cafe menu.

I was already very impressed by their dessert spread and I find the buffet quality almost on par with the usual ones I had at their flagship patisserie too. My only misgiving about them are their desserts that just don’t last long under the tropical and humid weather of Singapore. So if you want to take them home for private consumption, make sure you rush home fast. I also heard from Heidi that she will be going for a coffee brewing refreshment course just to attract coffee loving community.

For me though, their fruity desserts are best pair with light floral tea and their refreshing hibiscus flower tea would suffice me in any tea sessions at Flor Patisserie.

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Do read up my previous visit here!

Flor Patisserie
42 Siglap Drive, Singapore 456167
Tel: +65 6243 0813
Note: This is an invited media tasting.

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