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Even though I stay in the east, I still see myself returning back to Tiong Barhu almost on a regular basis. I could be there a few hours in the early afternoons at a random establishments just to spend some alone time; meet a few friends at night over drinks and dinner, tapas style or even head down to the hawker to curb that occasional char kueh tiao cravings in check. There’s so much to do now at the once-sleepy community and we really need to give credit to those pioneering establishments that kickstarted the cafe culture and subsequently snowball into the vibrant foodie’s community as we know currently.

As I recalled, Forty Hands has already been there long before the enclave became the talk of the town. Somewhere back in 2010? And since then, I haven’t visit this place again until recently, for a simple late night dinner gathering. You can’t blame me since I have so many so many food establishments on my to-go list and I can’t always visit the same place again least in case I bore you right?

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Located along the Yong Siak Street at the other end of Tiong Barhu, this cafe is by no means a spacious one and just when you think you’ll be safe to think this corner end cafe wouldn’t attract that much people as compared to here and here, then I tell you that’s just your wishful thinking. Every time I pass by and sometimes even step inside, I’m deterred by the sheer noise emitting from like-minded foodies. Irregardless of a day or night and do I still need to mention the long queues outside on Sunday brunch?

Sometimes I just wished we food blogger could be a little more selfish and not share with all of you out there seeking for good food everywhere. They do serve the typical brunch menu till evening around 6pm and I wouldn’t mind dropping by since the egg items like benedicts and big breakfast are under $20 but since we were here around the supper time, the only menu still available was the 40 Hands Gourmet Dogs. But really? Fancy hotdogs slathered with fattening condiments of every sort?

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Ohhhh what the heck! Since we met on such a late timing, anything would suffices! And I tell you these Forty Hands hotdogs aren’t your typical ones out on the streets. The buns were crisp and they were rather generous with the toppings. I’m not boasting my photography skills here but I sure did justice with such lovely shots. Opt for The Ottoman ($12.00) if you desire that spicy kick with every mouthful or stick to the Ang Mo Classic ($12.00) if you desire mustard and ketchup, the play-it-safe American style.

Either which are really darn good but what I was really eyeing was the further discount of Truffle Fries ($8.00 or $6.00 with any order of gourmet dog). They weren’t really the best I had but who really cares! You can’t go wrong with truffles. It’s a safe ingredient to meddle with.

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Desserts was a thin slice of Banana Bread¬†($4.50) followed closely by another slice of Carrot Cake ($5.00). Both of which were good but really nothing unique. I think they’re safe food but rather too common in the cafe culture already. Ohhhhh the people of Forty Hands if you’re reading this post, could you surprise me more?¬†Like a passion fruit infused tart or something that compliments a well brewed coffee?

As my mum always say- Be creative!

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I heard much rave about their coffee and I know they won a few coffee related awards in recent years. But when I first took a sip of the Cappuccino ($5.00) that night, I thought their sister cafe, Tiong Barhu Bakery which isn’t marketed as a coffee specialty shop has better coffee than here! I like to attribute the horrible drink due to the late timing when I made my ordering but I do expect quality if I’m coming back for a drink on my next visit.

Overall, I find their prices are rather reasonable when compared with the rest within the vicinity and they do not charge for service only GST here. So I wouldn’t mind dropping by here for their food but if they’re gonna make me a permanent regular here then they better do something about their coffee.

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Forty Hands
78 Yong Siak Street #01-12
Singapore 163078
Tel: +65 6225 8545

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