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I have eaten my fair share of sweet things in Singapore and I am very disappointed that some business brands don’t take desserts seriously. They think passing a sloppy cake or a stale tart off will suffice cafehoppers but not me. I can compromise anything but not desserts. Just like everyone says – You gotta make every calories count! I was already very keen to head down Bugis to try Froth when photos of their taro waffles flooded my Instagram feed and when I know of places that are committed to the art of plating desserts, I’m definitely going!

Froth is located at the basement of BIG Hotel and like many food establishment within the bugis area, if you don’t frequent there, you probably walk pass and never know you miss a good eatery. (I think) breakfast is served only to hotel guests so I would recommend people to drop by during noon when lunch is sure to be ready.

IMG_5364 (FILEminimizer)I never love set lunches. They always look sloppily done and not very well thought off even though they are cheaper. I honestly wasn’t keen to grab their set when I ordered my Fish & Chips ($16.90 w/o set) but I suppose opting for the set lunch means I could save a few extra bucks for coffee later then why not? The battered fish was served on a wooden plank with fries and salad as sides, I must say I am delighted to see my lunch. The spicy tartar sauce was painfully addictive too. However, I had second thoughts as I made my way into the fried fish. It had more flour than white meat.

My cousin had her Carbonara ($15.90) which in my opinion was pleasing especially with the poached egg in the middle. I can’t remember which three main course comes with the $13.90 set lunches that comes with soup/salad + choice of main + drinks. But if you’re looking for an affordable set meal before tea time then Froth might be your ideal place. Apart from it, be prepared to spend quite a bit of cash for their asian-fusion food. Click here for their menu and pricing.IMG_5367 5(FILEminimizer) (2)Desserts are fairly limited here. I know they have taro cheesecakes and other assorted sliced cakes on display and waffles here are their highlight. The Taro Waffles ($12.90) are a must try if you’re visiting Froth for the first time. I was so wrong when I thought it was only plain waffles with purple yam paste drizzled on it. The waffle itself was made out of taro too! Coupled with the fact that the dessert was beautifully plated, it was worth the wait.

Each waffles comes with a scoop of ice cream and I highly recommend their Earl Grey flavour. It was super rich and really good. Other flavours include sea salt caramel, strawberry, chocolate & vanilla. If I’m coming back on second or third visit, I will try out their lesser known waffles. Cheese or banana waffle anyone?
IMG_5352 (FILEminimizer)Froth
BIG Hotel  #B1-02
200 Middle Road,  Singapore 188980
Tel: +65 6336 1228
Lunch & Dinner: 11.00am to 10.00pm
Closed on every first Monday of the month

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