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Every time I visit Tiong Bahru, I would always make it a point to grab a box of Galicier Confectionery’s kuehs before I make the journey back home. I like for a fact that they have a nice variety of bright-coloured treats cater to sweet or savoury buds. Don’t get me wrong into thinking they only strictly make and sell kuehs. They do have freshly baked cakes and cream pastries too.

On my last visit here, I actually brought a couple of friends of which one of them bought a cheese chiffon cake and I was told it was pretty darn good! But speaking from personal experience, their kuehs appear visually more tempting and almost irresistible when you see someone bringing out a freshly made kueh dadar or anything else from the kitchen.

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Selections are plentiful all-day long but you gotta be fast and furious before someone grab the last few pieces. They do give the term selling like hotcakes a whole new definition. If you don’t believe then you should come during the weekdays after lunch hours. That’s one of those few timings the small shop gets really crowded and kuehs sell out fast. Even faster when those office people buy them in bulks for their colleagues for tea or bring back home for the after family dinner.

Don’t blame them for being greedy because if I were them, I would do just the same! I mean where else would you find nice and fresh kuehs priced from 60 cents to a $1 per piece?

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Unlike most places where coconut-coated kuehs don’t last more than a day, I still find Galicier’s Ongol Ongol and Steamed Tapioca Cakes still fresh and soft the following day. I was told by the staff as long as I kept them in the fridge, these freshly-made kuehs can definitely keep until the next day. Now that’s something they can definitely boast about their freshness right?

Do I have to tell you how awesome their Kueh Dadars are?! Just grab one yourself and you shall never eat another one from some random shop!

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Usually I just pop the entire Ondeh Ondeh right into my mouth and enjoy that orgasmic experience of petite tapioca balls exploding liquid gula melaka everywhere! But as a food blogger, I felt the need to visually share with you what could potentially tempt you to make a trip down to savor one. Hence, you get to see above, the cross section of what’s goes into them. I was surprised to see tiny little sesame seeds amidst the flowing sweet liquid.

The experience was not quite the same so unless you are curious to see what’s inside, I suggest that you just stick to stuffing them into the mouth and experience the gastronomic joy instead. At 60 cents per piece, this is something you can buy more than a few and wished you need not share with anyone else.

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Galicier Confectionery
Blk 55 Tiong Bahru Road #01-39
Opening Hours: 10am to 9pm daily

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