Galicier Confectionery Tiong Bahru Singapore

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While I have no blood relations with any Peranakans, I do have a profound love for Nonya kuehs. It reminds me of an elderly neighbour who always bakes them in the late afternoons and that coconut rich aroma emitted from her kitchen would be more than enough to distract me from catching a Zappos or an Articulo as I scramble next door to take a quick bite of those wonderfully homemade kuehs . Ahh… Those were the days when I was young and childish…

Sad to say she has move out of my neighbourhood many years ago and since then I have been buying kuehs from Bengawan Solo. They were great but not really fantastic. I guess handmade ones are always better than machine made ones.  But it doesn’t matter already. I am just glad I found somewhere better and somewhere nice.

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The name’s Galicier Confectionery and the place’s hidden amidst the old estates of Tiong Bahru. A shop that sells nothing but cakes kuehs and whatever old school. It’s like a dream come true! How I wish I just live above the confectionery and that would make afternoon tea with kuehs so easily accessible everyday!

If you have to ask, I would say every kueh is worthy of the confectionery’s name but my personal favourite has got to be their Kueh Dadar. It’s very different from your typical ones. Take a bite if you have a chance and you will find nothing but white grated coconuts instead of overly sweeten gula melaka ones. Coupled with their thin pandan wraps would easily make Galicier’s kueh dadars as one of the best ones in Singapore.

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Concealing a molten gula melaka core and then evenly coated with pure white grated coconut, their Ondeh Ondehs are a joy to enjoy! Even though it’s been quite sometime since I had Galicier one’s, I can still imagine the explosive sweet core bursting into my mouth. It’s a piece of heaven that’s for sure! Their Tapioca Cakes on the other hand, tasted just like their ondeh ondehs just without that awesome molten gula melaka core…

But if I were you, I would just pick a few more ondeh ondehs instead but that’s me for you. I am pretty excessive that’s for sure!

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It’s really hard to find old school shops that still churns out good old school kuehs these days so you bet that I’m glad to find Galicier. I heard that they have another outlet somewhere around Serangoon but I think I will just stick to Tiong Bahru one whenever I feel like relieving the past again.

Galicier Confectionery
Blk 55 Tiong Bahru Road #01-39, Singapore
Opening Hours: 10am to 9pm daily

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