Going somewhere?

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Walking down the man-made isle with you, was unlike any stroll we usually take. It wasn’t exactly silent nor was there a single lively conversation. It felt serious and it felt heavy. But it’s these together moments do I really feel need you.

Finally we stopped, reaffirming one another with hugs and cuddles.
Did we had a fight? I wondered. But you told me no. In fact, you’re going somewhere foreign. I can’t bear to look into your eyes. Fear grips me tighter than when our fingers meet. It’s only one months lah. You tried to throw in a few jokes just to ease tension but it didn’t work.

I’m just worried sick about your trip. I can’t help it even if I’m told a million times you’ll in safe hands. It’s already not easy getting here and it’s gonna be a nightmare not having you beside. I can’t bear the distance and really I can’t.

I know I can’t stop you from going and I can’t even send you off to catch the plane. So I can only do the least. Or I should say make a wish…

My wish is merely that you’ll be safe & my prayers would reach you, wherever you are. Should they materialise, even though we live in different parts of the world, I would want to, gently and resolutely, live and wait for your safe return.

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