Grin Affair Everton Park Singapore

P1080021.RW2 (FILEminimizer)That dessert in a jar shop at Everton Park we call Grin Affair. It’s one of those places which you and friends must pray Let there be space! because it’s really one petite cafe. But for most of the time (if I’m within the vincity), I like to take them away and eat them at the comfort of my armchair like an after-dinner treat.

Desserts in a jar isn’t exactly something new or never seen before. But who could forgo such pretty things? Especially those that are colourful and neaty packed and stuffed to the brim!

DSC_0791.NEF (FILEminimizer)There’s more than enough variety to choose from least in case you keep coming back for more. But do note that not everything is available everyday. Twice I came here for their Honey Lavender ($6.00) and twice I was told it wasn’t available for the day.

Darn. Just my luck but if you have the chance, do try it yourself. I only tried one spoonful when a friend bought it for me to fall heads over toes for the floral scented dessert.

P1080008.RW2 (FILEminimizer)Cookies & Cream ($6.00) was a cocoa-lover’s crowd pleaser with a chocolate cookie base; then a layer of chocolate cake; then topped with custard mousse & vanilla cake and then finished off with vanilla cookies crumbs.

Does seem a lot was cramp into one small jar right?

P1080011.RW2 (FILEminimizer)I was getting a little queasy from the brunch earlier so I only had one mouthful of the Hazelnut (Middle, $6.00). I can’t really remember much apart from the subtle hints of coffee which is a nice complement to the nutty mousse.

The Mango Cream (Left, $6.00) on the other hand, was utmost disappointing. There was more cream than fruit and it tasted just like any vanilla cream sponge cake. Plain and boring if you ask me and for six bucks, I could have something better.

DSC_0797.NEF (FILEminimizer)Overall, Grin Affair isn’t a spacious cafe to sit one whole bunch of people but cozy to hang around with just one or two friends after meal. For me, unless it’s for lavender & honey or else I won’t be coming back so soon.

And I think they increased their desserts by a dollar or so prior to my last visit too. *Sigh* Desserts these days are getting more pricey so let’s hope they can maintain the price yah?

Grin Affair
3 Everton Park #01-77A
Singapore 080003
Tel: +65 8222 2678

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