Group Therapy Cafe Duxton Hill Singapore: Unpretendious food and comforting place

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On one of my many trips to Duxton Hill, I managed to discovered Group Therapy, a cafe hidden at the 2nd floor along the shophouses of Duxton. It’s no easy find if you aren’t a frequent visitor to the area so walk along Berjaya Hotel and look above for the petite signboard “Group Therapy”.

It’s a nice little cafe serving up daily all-day brunch menu but what I really love is the simplistic nonchalant feel the whole cafe gives; a food-cluttered coffee bar with the name of the cafe hanging above, a couple of wooden tables and chairs and then an extension which filled with sofas and painting for sales dangling from the side walls.

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What about the food? Is there anything they can boost? Of course there is!

I mean just look at the Poached Eggs On Toast ($15.00) or I should say a REALLY HUGE TOAST! Slapping in between the eggs and toast was cuts of smoked salmons then top off with a gracious amount of hollandaise sauce. That my fellow egg lovers was Group Therapy’s rendition of the ever popular Egg Benedict. It was truly gratify, definitely satisfying though a bit messy with the excessive sauce.

Belgian Style Waffle With Maple Syrup & Butter ($9.00) was comforting but nothing extraordinary. Best to have it still crisp and piping hot. Go for an additional scoop of ice cream if you have cash to spare. (Shucks! Should have gotten that instead!)

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One of my favorite comfort food. The 4-Layer Carrot Cake ($8.50) has somehow hold a special place in my heart. It’s nutty and carroty and beautifully slated cream cheese. 1 layer… 2 layers… 3 layers and well the fourth layer came crumbling but that’s what I like about carrot cakes. I would say this might just be the best carrot cakes I tried so far.

I would highly advice individual to share the cake over a few others instead of trying to take it on all by yourself. Afterall, sharing can be a therapeutic experience all by itself. What better more than to end off the afternoon with a good cup of double shot Cappuccino ($5.50), a personal favorite coffee drink of mine and I thought to myself…

“Wouldn’t life be great if there’s a carrot cake waiting for me every morning?” 

49 Duxton Road #02-01, Singapore 089513
Tel: +65 6222 2554
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