Guan Chee Hong Kong Roasted Duck Hougang Singapore

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Suppose to say three guys decided to meet up for lunch one day but have no idea that the Hainanese Hawker Centre of Hougang Avenue 1 was closed for some unknown reason. That’s one of the many mishaps a food blogger can make if he doesn’t know the neighborhood well. Surely I can’t just tell my friends to head back to NEX and eat at Food Republic. I think they will just flip!

But mishaps also leads to accidental finds and I definitely did not knew Guan Chee Hong Kong Roasted Duck was located within the area. I thought the name Guan Chee was familiar since I always frequent the Food Republic at Wisma Atria and saw the same name stall laden with numerous news articles and garnering waves of crowd during lunch hours. A quick search on the web and I was soon to discover Guan Chee also has stalls set up in 6 major shopping malls (as of 2013) and I think that has to speak a lot about Cantonese roast meat since Singaporean are very picky about their food.

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The portion was more than reasonable for three hungry guys. Unlike most duck rice stalls, where I could never stomach the gamy taste from an ill-prepared roast duck, I have to say Guan Chee’s rendition ($13.00 for 1/2 portion) was pretty darn good especially the oily and cholesterol-inducing fatty skin! I tried my best to remove everyone of them but temptation got the better hold of me and I start eating them anyway. Every once in a while, we do need these kind of food just to remind ourselves how good Singaporean food are right?

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Char Siu (barbeuced pork meat) and Siu Yok (roasted pork meat) ($12.00 for a plate for 3 people portion) are a must have whenever I have the chance to eat at a Cantonese roast stall. While I didn’t regard their char siu meat exceptionally good since I like mine to be charred and really dipping juicy, they do make up for being generous and thickly cut. The same can be said about their siu yok too.

We were definitely satisfied with our lunch. While I don’t think you need to make a special trip down to their flagship stall since they are almost located in most major shopping malls food courts. But do expect that the food might differ slightly a bit given that each outlet has a different head chef. I was surprised that that there was GST charged to our bill considering that they are just a stall housed in a coffeeshop. But $29.00 for a such a filling meal fit for 3 people, I think it is still justifiable. Coincidentally, Guan Chee is within walking distance of one of my favourite cafes in Singapore too and that’s was actually the main agenda of the day.

Such is the life of food blogger seeking the sweeter things in life… 

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Guan Chee Hong Kong Roasted Duck
Block 106 #01-1239
Hougang Avenue 1, Singapore 530106
Tel: +65 6283 6165

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