Hippopotamus Restaurant Grill Marina Square Singapore

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With Marina Square getting a new face lift and a few new celebrity eateries, this mall is bend on drawing crowds of foodie downtown to see what’s worth eating. My lunch partner and I walked rounds after rounds, enduring hunger pangs scrolling down every single menu of those new establishments and I have to say nothing really fancy us. You could say our expectation were sky high but I only tell you what’s on my mind. Those new establishments might be popularise by everyone on the online community but honestly what they have to offer were more commonly seen stuffs than anything unique and special.

We were about to walk away feeling somewhat unimpressed until I recall there’s a steakhouse tucked somewhere in the shopping mall. Funny that this French restaurant is named literally after an African mammal but I reckon they do serve up good hearty portions here. Just take their New Zealand Sirloin Steak ($15.90), a good 190g entrecôte highly recommend taken well done. You might also want to consider other mains like the grilled king prawns and grilled game hen both of which I reckon are good enough to share over a big group of friends.

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Ever since I savored steak frites over at L’Entrecote, I just love all my steaks paired with nothing but hot crisp fries. You can opt for healthier choice like greens or even carbs in other forms like potato gratin or even basmati rice. But the focal point is always their steaks. Take for instance my order, the Hanger Steak ($19.90) which I requested medium rare was just grilled just as it. No frill just a slab of flavourful cut but yet still tender enough to slice through with a heavy duty knife and then consume.

I thought paying just under $50 for two steaks and a good hearty portion of fries was still reasonable but I felt it could have been more worth if we were given a little more attention instead of cold shoulders. Where I observed other tables were given a complimentary chips and bread, we didn’t and in fact, the tables adjacent to ours weren’t even cleared of dirty plates. I would expect service to be comparable to their food quality but as from my experience, I do hope to see an improvement should I return again.

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Hippopotamus Restaurant Grill
Marina Square #01-204/205
6 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039594
Tel: +65 6338 5352

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