Hong Pen La Mian Xiao Long Bao Tampines Singapore

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I tried many handmade noodle stalls in Singapore and only a handful make it into my mental list of worth my carbohydrate food. It’s definitely a plus point to know the bowl of noodle you’re gonna order is make from on the spot but I’ll have to be honest that they aren’t as delicious as I think they should be. Either the noodles strips were made too thick or simply because the portions served were too miserable to make a meal off.

But there’s one I’ve been going back again and again. Hong Pen La Mian Xiao Long Bao is one of those places that I daresay tested and tried. The stall might be managed by Chinese nationals but their food is a far cry from those sub-standard food which we locals often complain about. Apart from their noodles make upon order, I like for a fact that I can actually see my orders in the making.

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Usually if I’m not rushing for time, I would just stand by the side watching the noodle master doing what he’s good at. Like a zen master whipping chucks of dough into strands of noodles and I reckon you need years of experience to perfect the noodle pulling technique.

Freshly hand pulled noodles are always better than those churned from the factories. There’s no way one can dispute the previous statement. They also have nice chinese treats like xiao long baos and dumplings but the one I sought most (apart from the noodles) has got to be their jian bing 煎饼 with generous amount of sesame seeds laden all over the fried fritter.

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I always go for their dry noodles and tender sliced beef cuts and their chicken cutlet noodles are equally gratifying for a quick lunch. Go for the soup ones if you’re health conscious but  for all I care, I’m sticking to my personal preference! I have to say for a bowl that is under $5.00, they do dish out a lot of meat and black ear fungus. This is one hawker food that is really worth your money!

Hong Pen La Mian Xiao Long Bao
Tampines Street 81, Block 823A
Singapore 521823

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